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Canned Air #227 Tut in Fruits of Labor

Canned Air: A Tribute to Comics and Pop Culture

Release Date: 03/02/2018

We start this weeks episode by first looking back into pop culture history in our Retro Round Table. It was in 2002 that The Osbournes first premiered on MTV , so we discuss reality television. The Osbournes not only introduced reality television, they changed TV forever! As a result, the way shows are filmed, the way we view them, and even who we consider celebrities has changed. Get in here and see how deep its influence runs! 

Then we welcome Mohamed Abdel Khalik to the show to discuss his comic Tut in Fruits of Labor! Tut in Fruits of Labor is an adventure graphic novel set in Ancient Egypt that follows a clumsy teenager trying to find his place in the world. Circumstance finds him advising the king, locked in a tomb, befriending mummies, and crossing swords with evil deities on the Nile. Be sure to check it out!