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Dr Wu Check in with a Covid-19 Update

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Release Date: 12/02/2020

Get some Cement and Bricks and patch it up! show art Get some Cement and Bricks and patch it up!

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

I sit down for an update about the Ball and Socket Arts Non-Profit. President & Founder Ilona Somogyi and Chairman of the Board, Ron Bergamo join me in the studio to talk about everything going on with Phase 1. Sweet Claudes Ice Cream is slated to move into the building as a first tenant with a second close behind. We learn what it took to get to this point and what the future holds for this unique project.

I'm Just a Knuckle Dragger who Bolts Stuff Together show art I'm Just a Knuckle Dragger who Bolts Stuff Together

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

We are back, sorry for the long delay. Some much needed time off was taken and now we are back with a new episode. This episode finds Corey with guest Seth Harvey. Seth works as a technician at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There he is part of the team who builds the Mars Rover and Mars Lander. We learn how life's twists and turns led him to the JPL. From there we dive into what is means to actually build a device that will land on another PLANET. It's a fun, and sometimes NERDY episode. 

Nicole is running the show now show art Nicole is running the show now

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

It's Nicole's show now as she takes over Host responsibilities this week and puts Corey in the hot seat. Having spent time to prepare, she makes Corey the subject of an interrogation by running through a series of questions. Some funny and some serious. We learn quite a bit about what makes Corey tick. Things like, How he likes his coffee. Where he would put a billboard and what would be on it. What his middle name is. What kind of wine he likes. How the Podcast started. A ton of Random facts. Then so much more! This is the episode to listen to if you ever found yourself curious about who...

There is a Brewery in my Closet & A Pool in my Basement! show art There is a Brewery in my Closet & A Pool in my Basement!

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Corey once again holds court on the Cheshire (pod)Cast with the company of Nicole Cammack & auditioning co-host Mike Albert and Guest Kyle Bonora of Malpractice Brewery. We learn where Kyle found his inspiration to create Malpractice Brewing, in a closet of all places. Other topics include, flooding your house, home renovations that never get finished, Gas, Stealing your parents booze and then some more....

Charlie Charlie "The Riff Monster" Bellmore

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Corey is joined this week by two guest co-hosts, Nicole and Michelle and returning guest Charlie Bellmore. Charlie is currently the Primary Songwriter & Guitarist for the Legendary Dee Snider, as well as a multitude of other projects from his own Kings & Liars to bands like Jasta & Kingdom of Sorrow. We get into how good it feels to be coming out of covid and getting ready to hit the tour cycle.

Oh my hangover, I plead the fifth. show art Oh my hangover, I plead the fifth.

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

You’re joining us on a crazy journey as we try to figure out where the show is going. Like sailing without a rudder this episode goes everywhere but where it is supposed to. From Hangovers to Pleading the Fifth to Las Vegas and A Movie Review. We are just freewheeling it. Corey’s cousin David visits and we only find out that Attention Deficit definitely is a family trait!

Chasing Squirrels show art Chasing Squirrels

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

What do you get when you put three people on a zoom call with no direction? You get the most Squirrel chasing ADD episode yet. We recorded well over two hours of material. I did my best to consolidate it into something cohesive, which I hope you will enjoy. Sit in and listen to Corey, Guest Host Nicole and Show Favorite Dr Wu cover booze, bands, poop, pet package stores, 9/11, covid and a million other things in this episode.

Cheshire Craft Brewery show art Cheshire Craft Brewery

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Today's episode focuses on one of our Sponsors, Cheshire Craft Brewing. Kelly Collins, radio DJ currently on the Whale 105.9 as the morning host joins me as Guest Co-Host. We talk to Co-Owner and Brew Jedi Frank & Scott. Corey runs through a flight of beer and each is explained in detail. We also learn about how the brewery came to be. Listen in to hear how to educators pursued their dreams during a pandemic.

The Proper Care and Feeding of your Pets show art The Proper Care and Feeding of your Pets

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

For this episode we sit down with Nicole Cammack, owner of Northpoint Pets, a national award winning Pet Store right here in Cheshire, CT. We learn about Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit and what motivated her to start such a one of a kind experience for us pet owners. Tune in to learn about what sets Northpoint Pets apart from everyone else. You will be surprised at some of the knowledge within. Enjoy!

King & Queen of Cheese! show art King & Queen of Cheese!

The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Chris and Caroline Dircks from Olive & Henry Fine Foods stop in for their second visit to the podcast. The first time they stopped in was right before the onset of the Covid pandemic. We get into their story of Small Business survival and how they found their stride in the midst of a pandemic. Chris and Caroline show us what can be done with a little bit of passion and perseverance. They’re one of the many things that makes Cheshire so special.

More Episodes

This week's episode is a timely covid update with our favorite System Director of Infectious Diseases, Chief Epidemiologist, Chief Antimicrobial Stewardship with Hartford Healthcare. Dr. Wu, a recurring guest, has been keeping us up to date with where we are in this fight. Listen in as he has a relatable, genuine,  and comfortable way of explaining the constantly evolving science of this novel virus. With this understanding we can continue to protect ourselves, keep up to date on what has been learned, and what to possibly expect over the next few months. Information always makes me feel better, and who doesn’t need a little bit of feeling better as 2020 draws to a close?

Hosts: Corey J. Nash & Patricia Cramer

Cast: Dr. Ulysses Wu infectious disease specialist with Hartford HealthCare.


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