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Destroying Your Christian Faith Through Yoga - Theological Considerations

Chris Lawson | Spiritual Research Network

Release Date: 03/05/2015


Destroying Your Christian Faith Through Yoga - Theological Considerations 


A brief overview of the theological implications of integrating Yoga with Christianity.


Topics covered: (1) Occult Hindu yoking (yuj, union) with Brahman versus Biblical salvation and true spiritual rest (biblical yoking) in Jesus Christ; (2) Biblical separation from idolatrous practices; (3) The “aim of all yoga”; (4) Yoga as a “system of belief” that is diametrically opposed to Jesus Christ and the Bible; (5) Theological and worldview opposition between Yoga/Hinduism and Christianity; (6) The Yoga worldview (Hinduism) teaches Man-is-god; God is the author of evil, salvation of Self is through self-effort (yoga); God is impersonal, etc.; (7) Yoga as “exercise” or a vehicle for spirit contact; (8) Hatha Yoga (i.e., sun/moon yoga); (9) Hindu worship postures to deities in India; (10) Signs and wonders as a result of Yogic engagement; (11) The “double-character of the sign”; (12) Evaluating the source of signs and miracles - from God or Satan?; (13) The Word of God alone as the interpreter of signs and wonders.


Scriptures: Matt. 11:29; 1 Cor. 6:9-15; Deut. 13:1-18.

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