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Episode #210: Rocky Patel TAVICUSA and a New Music Round-Up

The Cigar Jukebox

Release Date: 02/16/2019

Today we look at a new cigar and some new music. We feature the new Rocky Patel TAVICUSA and pair it with some of the best new music that has come out thus far in 2019. Hear about this cigar and some great new music. 

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1. Willie Nelson: Cruel, Cruel World

2. James Blake: Don't Miss It

3. Lana Del Rey: Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like me to Have, But I Have it

4. G - Flip: Bring Me Home

5. Baker Boy: Cool as Hell

6. Better Oblivion Community Centre: Dylan Thomas

7. Cizarface and Ghostface Killah: Face Off

8. Ladytron: Tower of Glass

9. The Budos Band: Old engine Oil