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Conversation with Ms. Megan Barth

Clarity from Chaos Podcast

Release Date: 02/21/2016

'It seems like yesterday.

The Hillary Clinton juggernaut arrived in Nevada last spring, making all the right moves. She hired Emmy Ruiz, a skilled operative who worked for Clinton and Barack Obama here in 2008 (Clinton won the popular vote but lost the delegate fight), to helm her effort. Ruiz brought a Nevada-centric team together, people who knew the state and its burgeoning Latino community, which made up 15 percent of the caucus universe eight years ago. And in May, Clinton held a memorable event, a roundtable with DREAMers, who just recently endorsed her for the nomination.

Nevada was Clinton Country, mostly because of her organizational strength designed to construct a firewall should Bernie Sanders do well in New Hampshire. Indeed, Sanders apparently couldn’t place Nevada on a map – he had no offices, no staff, no footprint at all.

Race? What race?

Now, one week before Nevada Democrats break the tie between Iowa and New Hampshire and decide if the Sanders Surge is real, yesterday has vanished and Hillary Clinton can’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

No, not the way the Clinton's meant it in 1992, with optimism and hope. This campaign is filled with dread and fear; you can feel it.

In a poker game, they are what is known as “tells,” some giveaway to what cards a player holds, some sign of whether he has the flush or has a busted hand. As Team Clinton focuses on the state where gambling dominates, their tells are showing."