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Conversation with best selling author, Dr. Jo Anne White

Clarity from Chaos Podcast

Release Date: 04/14/2016

Dr. Jo Anne White is an International bestselling and award winning, author, and has 20+ years of experience helping others reach their full potential. Jo Anne pioneered a program for the Philadelphia school system for children who weren’t allowed to attend public school until a Federal law mandated that every state in US serve these children.  More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special is based on the true story of educating these kids and the successes and challenges they faced.

Jo Anne’s other passions led her to pursue; writing, speaking, coaching and helping people find their successful path in life and business. Today, she’s the CEO and Founder of the Power Your Life Network, a broadcasting network, and the Power U Online University, both aimed at helping individuals, families, businesses and professionals grow, soar and succeed. Known globally as the “Success Doc,” Jo Anne’s also the Executive Director and Host of the popular Power Your Life TV & Radio Shows, and CEO/President of Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting Services, LLC.

“We have the capacity to manifest the inner gifts and talents within us to fulfill our own desires and pressing goals, and also help others and make a difference in their lives,” Jo Anne said. “

As her career goals shifted, she became a certified professional coach, lead generation expert, trainer, and image and branding specialist. Jo Anne also became a Therapeutic Energy Healer and was trained in several alternative modalities to enhance her skills and what she could offer to her clients.

She’s been featured online and in national and international media outlets, such as CNN.com, Good Housekeeping, More, and WebMD and made frequent guest appearances on Radio and Television Networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and Voice America. Dr. White was named a 2015 Worldwide Branding Top Female Executive for Professional Coaching by Worldwide Who’s Who and is featured in Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016. She’s authored and co-authored numerous books for women, men and businesses as resources for personal, professional and spiritual growth, leadership, success and empowerment. They include Amazon International Bestseller Bully Free, Mastering the Art of Success, JOY, The Self Architect and more. Keys to Conscious Business!  Bully Free was awarded a Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence in 2015, and named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.