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Coffee with Comrades

Release Date: 11/09/2021

Episode 168: Episode 168: "Turf Wars" ft. Kristian Williams

Coffee with Comrades

In this edition of Coffee with Comrades, we sit down with Kristian Williams, author of the new book . Kristian and I explore the long history of counterinsurgency, the emergence of gang-style political formations in the imperial core, the efficacy of community armed self-defense, and so much more.  Pick up a copy of Kristian’s latest book, . Visit Kristian’s . Support Coffee with Comrades on , follow us on and , and visit our . Pick up a Coffee with Comrades shirt or coffee mug at . Coffee with Comrades is a proud member of the . Coffee with Comrades is an affiliate of the . Check...

Episode 167: Episode 167: "Care without Fear" ft. Bruce E. Levine

Coffee with Comrades

I recently sat down with Bruce E. Levine to talk about his new book . In my conversation with Bruce, we touched on a whole host of things: freethinking, care work, peer-to-peer mutual aid groups of psychiatric survivors, horizontal versus hierarchical modes of care, and Spinoza. Lots of Spinoza. Pick up a copy of and check out Bruce's . Support Coffee with Comrades on , follow us on and , and visit our . Pick up a Coffee with Comrades shirt or coffee mug at . Coffee with Comrades is a proud member of the . Coffee with Comrades is an affiliate of the . Check out our ! Our logo...

Episode 74: Episode 74: "Eating the Other" ft. Alisha Gaines

Coffee with Comrades

This week, we sat down with Dr. Alisha Gaines to talk about racialized empathy, the failures of white liberalism, collaborative pedagogy, and authentic solidarity. Support Coffee with Comrades on , follow us on and , and visit our . Pick up a Coffee with Comrades shirt or coffee mug at . Coffee with Comrades is a proud member of the . Coffee with Comrades is an affiliate of the . Check out our ! Our logo was designed by .

Episode 164: Episode 164: "Thriving in the Ruins" ft. Peter Gelderloos

Coffee with Comrades

Today, I’m very excited to share a conversation with you that I had with Peter Gelderloos, author of the new book The Solutions Are Already Here, available now through Pluto Press. Peter and I talk about why “climate change” doesn’t quite capture the urgency of ecological catastrophe, why a fixation on “fossil fuels” is a strategic error, the kinship relations that inform our intricate and intimate connections to all living critters and the planet itself, indigenous wisdom and situated knowledges, and a whole helluva lot more. Pick up a copy of !  Follow Peter Gelderloos on...

Episode 166: Episode 166: "Like Mushrooms Thriving Amidst Ruins" ft. Gareth Damian Martin

Coffee with Comrades

In this week’s edition of Coffee with Comrades, I’m joined by writer, artist, and game designer Gareth Damian Martin, developer of the new indie RPG Citizen Sleeper. Gareth and I talk about Citizen Sleeper’s systems, structures, and mechanics, its vast cast of NPCs, themes of precarity and symbiosis, and the importance of mushrooms. Like Gareth’s game, neither of us came up with many answers for how to survive–and thrive–in the ruins of capitalism, but the conversation was immensely edifying and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. You can download right now with a GamePass subscription...

Episode 165: Episode 165: "Toward an Anarchist Critique of Psychiatry"

Coffee with Comrades

Chris, a psychotherapist with sixteen years in the field, joins me to critique the psych profession. We explore the history of psychology and psychiatric coercion, the violence and carceral logic implicit in locking away the "insane." We discuss the ways in which neurotypicality is constructed to serve the hegemony of the ruling class. Chris and I examine the ways that capital and the state regiment our minds, cajoling, commanding, and controling. We also touch on the emerging concept of "mad liberation." It's a pretty wide-ranging conversation. I hope you enjoy it. Follow Chris on Mastadon....

Episode 163: Episode 163: "Horizontal Mentorship" ft. carla bergman

Coffee with Comrades

On this week's edition of Coffee with Comrades, I am joined by carla bergman to discuss the pamphlet she co-authored with scott crow, . carla and I explore intergenerational struggle, burnout, the general utility of peer-to-peer mentorship, anarchist conceptions of authority, trusting kids, cultivating kinship, and a whole lot more.  Follow carla on , visit her , check out and , and pick up a copy of . Support Coffee with Comrades on , follow us on and , and visit our . Pick up a Coffee with Comrades shirt or coffee mug at . Coffee with Comrades is a proud member of the . Coffee with...

Episode 162: Episode 162: "Room for Everyone..." ft. Jay Dragon & Mercedes Acosta

Coffee with Comrades

Today, we’re sharing an interview with Jay Dragon and Mercedes Acosta, two of the developers, designers, and writers behind the brand new TRPG Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast which, as of today, is officially available to support on Indiegogo! We had a really lovely conversation about sanctuary, refuge, transgender characterization, seeing elements of yourself reflected back at you in your writing, twitter beef, drama in leftist milieus, and the joy of finding community together. I’d strongly encourage you to visit the campaign website and support their game. I’ve had a peak behind-the-scenes...

Episode 161: Episode 161: "Trans Liberation, Now!" ft. Charli Ash

Coffee with Comrades

This week, I am joined by my friend and comrade Charli Ash to talk about, well, a whole helluva lot. In this dialogue, Charli lays out trans* history, including how transgender folks have been pathologized, how trans* folks have accessed medical care for transition, the pathologization of transness, and a whole bunch more. Then, we transition to looking at the current moment and the anti-trans and homophobic legislation in places like Texas. We even touch on the struggles of folks in Ukraine and how Putin’s crackdown on the LGBTQ+ community prefigured the reactionary playbook being used...

Episode 160: Episode 160: "Went to Bed in a Failed State, Woke Up in a Fugue State" ft. Sole & DJPain1

Coffee with Comrades

I recently caught up with Tim Holland Pacal Bayley, better known as Sole and DJ Pain 1, to chat about their forthcoming record, Post-American Studies, out this week on the record label Emergency Hearts. Tim, Pacal, and I had a humorous, wide-ranging chat about the record, its themes, and the artists’ shared musical history. Pick up a copy of by Sole & DJPain1. Follow Sole on , listen to , and peep his . Follow DJPain1 on and check out his . Support Coffee with Comrades on , follow us on and , and visit our . Pick up a Coffee with Comrades shirt or coffee mug at . Coffee with...

More Episodes

This week, we don’t have a new interview for you but we do have a bunch of rad announcements, some of which are time-sensitive. If you’re a Coffee with Comrades Patron (or you’ve ever considered becoming one,) this is definitely a 13 min. episode you don’t wanna miss!

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Hey there, comrades!

I hope this episode of Coffee with Comrades finds you better than me. I’ll admit, it may be a touch dramatic to say this past week I’ve felt like Death itself, but that’s not far from the mark. Earlier this week, we had a COVID-19 scare at our house and we went and got everyone tested. There was good news and bad news. The good news? We didn’t have COVID. The bad news? We were all still sick as hell. If I still sound hoarse and sick, that’s because I’m still recovering. Fortunately, I am on the mend!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up postponing a scheduled interview and, as a result, don’t have a full-fledged episode for you today. That said, there are a few exciting announcements that I wanted to make—some of which are time-sensitive—so I didn’t want to wait until next week. So, let’s dive right in.

As always, longtime listeners of Coffee with Comrades are well aware by now, we are a proud part of the Channel Zero Network. Check out this jingle to find out a little more about the network…

…Alright, first big announcement: it brings me great pleasure to announce that we finally have merch! We’ve got t-shirts. We’ve got crewnecks. And, by popular demand, we’ve got coffee mugs. You can find it all by visiting the hyperlink in our show-notes. We’re so psyched to finally see this stuff out in the wild. If you ordered something, be sure to tag us in it on social media.

Now that spoopy season is officially behind us, it’s time to celebrate the winter solstice. To mark the occasion, we are doing our first Coffee with Comrades Yule Tide Gift Exchange! I know, I know. I can hear it already. “Exchanging gifts!? That’s capitalist.” Settle down, y’all. Quite the opposite, gifts have a long, treasured history of being about community, ways of binding us closer to one another. What makes the holidays a capitalist nightmare is the commodification and profit motive, not the euphoric joy of seeing someone’s face light up when you exchange gifts.

To quote the indigenous scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Gifts from the earth or from each other establish a particular relationship, an obligation of sorts to give, to receive, and to reciprocate…It’s funny how the nature of an object is so changed by the way it comes into your hands—as a gift or as a commodity.” Gifts spark kinship. They cultivate relationality. The Marxist theory of alienation suggests that commodities, on the other hand, alienate us from one another and from the larger biome we all inhabit together.

So, here’s how it’s all gonna work:

1) Over the next two weeks, we’re gonna collect names. In order to sign-up for the Yule Tide Gift Exchange, you’ll need to be a Coffee with Comrades Patreon subscriber. That’s not to be exclusionary, it’s just that it’s one of the only ways to really facilitate this sorta process safely. We’ll finish the sign-up process November 16th, so be sure to sign-up before then! To sign up, just private message me on Discord and I will put you name on a list for my eyes only!

2) On November 16th, we’ll draw names in the Coffee with Comrades Discord sever. We’re gonna be using a random generator appropriately called “Draw Names,” which I’ll enter everyone’s names into beforehand.

3) Once names have been drawn, I will privately message you the name and address of the person whose name you drew. This will mean that the only people who will ever have your address are me and the person who’s going to be giving you a gift! Of course, I already have your address on Patreon. But, if you haven’t put your address on there yet and want to participate in the Gift Exchange, be sure to put one down ASAP!

4) Finally, the goal is to mail out gifts for each other. I’d encourage everyone to try to make something by-hand. Write a poem, draw a painting, take a polaroid photograph of something pretty and design a cute frame. I dunno, go wild! If you’d prefer to pick something up, try to stay under a $20 limit.

5) Let’s aim to have our gifts in the mail by Dec. 16th so that folks will have a full month to create and/or shop for the secret gifts!

The goal here is to use this opportunity to build up community. Even if we are disconnected from one another, my hope is that through a gift exchange like this and our ongoing monthly book club we can continue to cultivate meaningful friendships and genuine camaraderie. I know a lot of folks have hang-ups around Operational Security and the good news is if you don’t feel comfortable, you certainly don’t have to participate! But we’d love to have you and, hopefully, maybe make this an annual tradition.

Making this program is a labor of love, but it’s a ton of hard work. Coffee with Comrades is a show made by a worker for workers. If you dig this program, it would mean the world if you chose to support us by going to www.patreon.com/coffeewithcomrades. Starting at just a $1/month, you can unlock awesome perks like access to our Patreon only Discord server, you can come hang out at our book club, and enjoy exclusive first access to new episodes of the show and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of this podcast. Any monthly contribution is enormously appreciated, no matter the amount you choose to give. Our Patrons are incredible folks who help keep radical, independent media alive and we are stupendously grateful for their ongoing support.

If you don’t have a dollar a month handy but still wanna support Coffee with Comrades, the good news is there are a bunch of ways you can help our show continue to grow! If you fuck with this program, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Like, RT, and share new episodes every Tuesday when they go live. If you listen to shows on Apple Podcasts, you can review our episodes. Be sure to smash that subscribe button so you never miss an episode. But, most importantly, if you enjoy Coffee with Comrades, tell your friends about this program today.

Alright, I think that’s pretty much all I’ve got for y’all today. Like I said, no new interview this week. But, if you’re keen on horror, you can check out the latest edition of Macabre Media podcast, the other show I do with my friends Kaleb and Jorge. The three of us are celebrating our 50th episode by talking about 2001’s Jason X, arguably the greatest motion picture of all time. Although…I’m not entirely sure who would actually argue that.