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The Best of Public Axis Year One

Comedia A Go-Go's Public Axis

Release Date: 04/29/2013


We dug through our first year of podcasts to bring you this excellent collection of laughs with a wide variety of guests! We highly encourage you to share this episode to give them a taste of what they've been missing. This is San Antonio's ultimate comedy podcast!

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Here is the list of guest, episodes and clips in the Best of Year One!

Episode 1: Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel – Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos

Episode 2: Jay Whitecotton – Artificial Intelligence Gets Off

Episode 4: Avery Moore: It's Tecate Time

Episode 5: Nikki Young/Roland Fuentes/Joan Riviera – Does It Exist Reality TV Shows

Episode 6: Paula Ybarra – Freestyle Music

Episode 8: Dee Williams – Burnt Bert

Episode 9: Sanford Allen/Lawrence Mercado/Javier Bazaldua – Does It Exist Bands

Episode 10: Tommy Munoz – Route DWI

Episode 11: Jay LaFarr – Trannies

Episode 14: Brian Gutierrez – Butt Rover/D.I.N.K.

Episode 16: Bobby Smith & George Anthony – Storage Wars Video Game

Episode 17: Dianah McGreehan – Remember Me? I've Been Inside You!

Episode 18: Paul Hernandez – BBWs and What Kind of Guys Ladies Want

Episode 19: Allie Amrien – Hanging Out with Monsters

Episode 20: Jay Whitecotton/Brant Bumpers - Medical Mobile Apps

Episode 22: Kayla Kromer – The Modern Day Help

Episode 23: Michael Christopher – SpongeBob SquarePants

Episode 25: Raul Sanchez – God is a Man

Episode 26: Todd Larson – Mike Rowe & Emma Stone

Episode 27: Tom Simmons/Jay Whitecotton – LiquorBots

Episode 28: Anthony Torino – Best Non-Christmas Movies Watched on Christmas

Episode 29: Joel Settles/Aaron Cheatham – Thunderstruck & Jazzed

Episode 30: Chris Matta – Swimming at the Y in L.A.

Episode 33: Kevin Iso/Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel – ISO

Episode 34: Gallagher/Jade Esteban Estrada - The French & Gallagher's Boob Song

Episode 35: Brant Bumpers/Crystal Bailey/Chris Cailloeut – Kid's Field Trip to the Slaughterhouse