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#328 - Energy and Pacing Are Everything

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 12/09/2019

#351 - 6 Reasons You May Not Be Improving show art #351 - 6 Reasons You May Not Be Improving

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Are you pushing your body beyond its adaptive threshold? It's a fine line and often the difference between burnout/flatline and real, sustainable improvement. Today is about "simple" but often neglected daily reasons you may not be improving. So, how do we break the cycle of little habits that are holding us back? 

#350 - Just Show Up show art #350 - Just Show Up

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We just hit the 1 Million download number and today we use our "Just Show Up" analogy and translate it to training. We dive into questions like, "Why do we constantly face the challenge of getting over the hump to train today?" We also talk about the trouble of setting hard goals and learning to have fun in the process. It's not about the end game as much as it is about doing something now that is moving you in the right direction. 

#349 - Listener Questions: Periodization, Nutrition, Strength Training, Time Vs. Mileage show art #349 - Listener Questions: Periodization, Nutrition, Strength Training, Time Vs. Mileage

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today, we open the podcast to listener questions from our Facebook Group (search Crushing Iron Group). They range from bike periodization, to maintaining fitness without a race scheduled, to benefits of training for time vs. mileage, handling missed time due to illness, short course vs. long course training, pilates, how each discipline helps the others, 70.3 nutrition and marathon training, strength training . . . and more.

#348 - Create New Habits, Not Results show art #348 - Create New Habits, Not Results

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Is your happiness connected to contingency events? “If I get this, then I will be that?” The key to getting the results you want is building the little habits and not looking back with the idea that you “should have” done this or that." We are all in the process of life and training. Success doesn’t equal safety. Today, the art of creating your own reality to face triathlon with a positive and fun attitude that adds purpose to your training and ultimately leads to ongoing success.

#347 - Building Aerobic Base to Get Faster show art #347 - Building Aerobic Base to Get Faster

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Most of us aren't in our 20's anymore, but we tend to think like that when it comes to speed work. Today, we look at the Aerobic Base Phase of training and explain how it is the key to getting faster in triathlon. We hit on the 80/20 rule, track workouts, what happens when you skip progressions. When is going hard actually worth it?

#346 - How To Keep Triathlon Fun show art #346 - How To Keep Triathlon Fun

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

It’s not about who’s fastest, it’s about who slows down the least.You need energy to be motivated and self-imposed stress sucks the life out of you. Today we talk about trending vs. tracking your training, banking sleep, and remembering to play like a kid. Also, the anxiety from attachment, looking at data from the wrong perspective and why getting slower isn't really a thing. 

#345 - Don't Take This Sh*t For Granted show art #345 - Don't Take This Sh*t For Granted

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

It's hard to always stay motivated yet easy to slip off the rails. And one of the biggest traps is comparing ourselves to others. Today, Mike talks about how this has happened to him since his father passed, but also how it's help remind him that we shouldn't take health and fitness for granted. The guys open up about intention and struggles in an effort to find the best ways to appreciate training as a process. You can never be "the old you" so embrace where you're going. 

#344 - How Workouts Link Together show art #344 - How Workouts Link Together

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Today’s podcast is all about how workouts link together and why life outside of training is an important factor in the decision process. Your mind and body aren’t always telling the same story, so it’s important to truly understand effort and its relationship to the big picture. When you trust the purpose of today’s workout, that sets you up for more consistency tomorrow and the week, which leads to more success in both training and racing. Managing stress is at the core of happy and healthy trainin

#343 - Endurance, Strength and Speed – How They All Connect show art #343 - Endurance, Strength and Speed – How They All Connect

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

How do you prioritize Endurance, Strength and Speed training for different courses and races? It should be a balance, but not always in even proportions. We look at priority and periodization based on goals. Why big gears aren't just strength work. Overusing muscles. Return on your swim stroke investment. Why you get sore arms while swimming and sore legs on transition runs. Connecting endurance, strength and speed training. 

#342 - Love The Sport show art #342 - Love The Sport

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Many of us get into triathlon to figure out who we really are and that process is more effective and enjoyable if we love the sport. Today, we reflect on Kobe Bryant’s life and his passion for, not only the game, but everything he did, and tie it into our daily approach with triathlon. Kobe’s death is a painful reminder that life is fragile and triathlon is much more than just the numbers. Find your sweet spots in training and appreciating the little things to make net gains.

More Episodes

Are you truly honest with yourself about your race goals or are you basing targets on the Triathlon False Positives? Today, we look at energy exertion and how triathletes trick themselves into thinking training days equal race performance. We look at smart race planning for bike with real average and normalized watts. How running with music and cycling to movies can affect your race energy, and how Power Meters should be used to make you a better runner. 

  • Cycling paces and power on different courses
  • How football negative split applies to triathlon
  • Why do we take the swim for granted
  • Quit blaming the run
  • Rest, stress, and execution
  • Average vs. Normalized Power
  • Lower power, faster race?
  • Patience and trust
  • When to empty the tank
  • The weight of expectations
  • A gigantic mistake triathletes make
  • How to be REAL with your FTP
  • Using a power meter to be a better runner
  • 3 False Positives in Triathlon
    • 100’s in swim to the race
    • Basing percentage of watts on best training day of year
    • Basing the race run on your best long training run
  • Don’t expect training PRs on Race Day
  • If you think you’re going the right speed, it’s probably too fast
  • Running with music
  • Riding with movies
  • Guessing at a number we hope to be on race day
  • Mental fatigue from paying attention
  • Emotional Race Simulation