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#507 – Training By Effort And Feel

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 08/27/2021

#523 – Finding Joy in the Mundane show art #523 – Finding Joy in the Mundane

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We start with weekend race talk and how to race in bad weather. What to wear and how to prepare for a tough race. Then we get into the good stuff. Sustainable off-season work. We talk about building that elusive strength you need to go long. We get into why there is so much power in the seemingly boring/simple workouts. The recipe for success in Ironman is the power of repeatable training. 

#522 – The Process is the Reward show art #522 – The Process is the Reward

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Ever deal with unexplainable lows after a big race? Today we look at why that probably happens, why what most of us do about it as wrong, and a better way to approach off-season training. Want to get faster and stronger for next year? How to take a loss and learn. Stop swinging for the fences and let things come to you. How to train during the holidays. And understanding when your body says yes. Plus, Ironman Wisconsin moves back to September. 

#521 – Micro Goals – Running show art #521 – Micro Goals – Running

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

How do you REALLY get faster at running in triathlon. Today, we go through all the smart, small, and important steps. As we know, Ironman is usually more about who slows down the least than who is fastest. How do you get there? Where do you start? It’s really pretty simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Find out the rule of thumb for your long runs and why it’s so important to run in a way that leaves you wanting more. 

#520 – Micro Goals – Bike Focus show art #520 – Micro Goals – Bike Focus

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Being strong, fast and relaxed on the bike takes work, but today we give you some great off-season fuel to build your bike confidence and be faster in your next race. We look at calibrating your feel, working big gears and cadence and why it's good to make yourself a little uncomfortable in training. We help you build your base so you can handle the training and look into ways to be a better at handling and gearing. And finally the best ways to be strong in aero. 

#519 – Micro Goals – Swim Focus show art #519 – Micro Goals – Swim Focus

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

While this one is mainly about swimming and getting faster in the water, there are a lot of things that transfer into training for bike and run. We talk about understanding how to improve in the swim, how to descend intervals by effort and engaging the full stroke. We also get into where your power zone is and how it translates to the bike and how you can create more time to breathe. Find your gears in the water. 

#518 – Uncover Your Off-Season #518 – Uncover Your Off-Season "Why"

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

This is the pursuit of figuring yourself out. What makes you tick, how does triathlon complement and support your life. Where do you want to go from here and what does personal success look like. We talk about the little things and why they should matter. The off-season is a process that can go one of two ways. Why it’s so important to stay in the game if you want to get faster. We get into post-race-depression, why it happens, and no more putting your true self on the back burner. 

#517 – Reaching Your Next Level show art #517 – Reaching Your Next Level

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

We really enjoyed this one. We start with what you should be doing after your big race, then dig deep into what keeps us motivated outside of the race. How do we really uncover joy in our daily workouts and not burn out in this sport. We talk about micro goals and how to give them meaning and power in your life. We look at why now is the time to start laying the foundation for how you can train, so you can train like you need to train. 

#516 – Ironman Chattanooga 2021 - Recap show art #516 – Ironman Chattanooga 2021 - Recap

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

With over 50 athletes on the course, including co-host, Mike --C26 Triathlon created a slew of memories at Ironman Chattanooga. The weather was perfect, but we were once again reminded how HARD this is. We give you both an on and off the course perspective. Mike tells the story of his battle that many called “The Crushing Iron War II.” We talk about how some people keep getting better and others continue to struggle in this sport. Grow with gratitude and why it’s so important to have fun. 

#515 – How to Race Ironman Chattanooga show art #515 – How to Race Ironman Chattanooga

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Finally, we welcome Ironman Chattanooga to our home town. Today we take you from the anxious moments pre-swim, through tactics for getting through the very hilly run. We look at the bike course and how you should manage your day with the rollers and sneaky pinch hills. We also talk about wetsuits, swimming in a river, and how to beat anxiety. Sneaky sections of the run and how they can blow you up if you’re not careful. All you need to know about racing Ironman Chattanooga, along with some spectator tips.

#514 – The Mind Games Inside Your Race show art #514 – The Mind Games Inside Your Race

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

The weather looks like it might be perfect for Ironman Chattanooga, but don’t let that fool you. Ironman is always hard. Today we look at race strategies, including the blurring of your Zones and how that can impact your performance. We also talk about racing free and how that can be difficult for a lot of us who haven’t raced in a long time. We go over how people dig a nutrition hole they can’t get out of. We also dig deep into the mind games you can face and how to trust your gut and race free. 

More Episodes

We know it’s hot. Are you hydrating enough to take off the sun’s edge? Today, it’s all about how understanding your body, effort and feel make you train (and race) better. We get into obsession with miles per hour, what it really means to be resilient, and how to no be soft in your training. 

We look at time vs. mileage, the ego, and how to learn from bad workouts. Also, micro blocks, hidden blocks, and why you need to let your body wake up. 


  • Heat and bad decisions
  • Panic time?
  • When you think you’re too far behind
  • Water
  • Is it hotter are are we softer?
  • Learning resilience 
  • Simplifying your training 
  • Modern escapism
  • Why MPH is overrated in training 
  • Garmins in open water
  • Doing workouts by effort
  • Why you need a short memory in this sport
  • Empty expectations from the ego
  • Learning from bad workouts
  • One session does not make a great workout
  • What happened the week before?
  • Hidden 5 day blocks
  • When you don’t believe the numbers
  • Your legs take time to come around
  • Let your body wake up
  • Own the course and your mind 


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