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#267 - When A Race Consumes Your Life

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Release Date: 05/13/2019

Months and months of training for one day. That's a lot of pressure to put on yourself. Today we look at how training plans unfold and how you can adjust to stay mentally and physically fit on a daily basis so race day doesn't create undo stress in your life. 


  • You can’t control the weather
  • The best remedy for a hot race
  • Running in the heat
  • Training for a hot race
  • aero helmet or aero road helmet?
  • Sleeves or Sleeveless wetsuits
  • When should I put the wetsuit on?
  • Which part do you look forward to most?
  • Race week pain
  • Mike signs up for Garmin Connect
  • Mental and Emotional Burnout
  • Planning a Wedding Analogy
  • How far out is too far out to think about races
  • Why most Ironman training plans do it wrong
  • Physical and mental limiters
  • What are your time constraints?
  • The fundamental flaws of training plans
  • "We’re doing good, but I think we can do better”
  • Starting over on a puzzle every day
  • The biggest recipe for over training and injury
  • Your body doesn’t care what your mind says
  • Are we ever truly satisfied?
  • The importance of adjusting your training plan
  • How to handle next week if you missed some this week

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