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Conversation with Desmond Child - Ep195

Decibel Geek Podcast

Release Date: 06/29/2015

The Quarantine Sessions Vol15 - Ep412 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol15 - Ep412

Decibel Geek Podcast

Author and host of The Classic Metal Show Chris Akin joins us this week for The Quarantine Sessions Vol15! The Classic Metal Show has been in existence for over 25 year and, in that time, entertained and offended a lot of people.   There are no punches pulled and opinions are doled out mercilessly. Chris Akin's background in radio pushed him into the field of "new media" in the 90's and has led to the success of the CMS to this day. Also of note, are Chris' many books on the subject of rock and metal. You can follow past and future book releases at   In this week's Quarantine...

The Quarantine Sesssions Vol14 - Ep411 show art The Quarantine Sesssions Vol14 - Ep411

Decibel Geek Podcast

Ralph Viera (aka Dr. Fukk) joins us this week for The Quarantine Sessions Vol14! Known for many things including the bands Thrash or Die and Combat as well as the AlmostHuman56 Youtube channel and, previously, The Rock & Metal Combat podcast, Ralph has blazed quite a trail in the rock and podcasting worlds. With over 17,000 subscribers and over 10 million views, his AlmostHuman56 Youtube channel has become a go-to for rock and metal fans all over the world. In this episode of the Quarantine Sessions, Ralph joins us to answer YOUR listener-submitted questions. Topics this week include KISS...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol13 - Ep410 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol13 - Ep410

Decibel Geek Podcast

The Canadian Heartbreaker, Lee McCormack joins us this week for The Quarantine Sessions Vol13! Aside from his hosting duties at the Tramps Like Us: A Bruce Springsteen podcast, Lee is also a working musician. With a significant background in Rockabilly music and a style all his own, Lee wears his influences on his sleeve. If you dig The Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, and The Clash (among others), you'll really love Lee's music. His new 7" single 'Train to Heartbreak' is available on most streaming platforms as well as on pressed vinyl. You can get full details at www.moonviolet.com. As always, we're...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol12 - Ep409 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol12 - Ep409

Decibel Geek Podcast

Eightball vocalist David Bush is our special guest this week for The Quarantine Sessions Vol12! Eightball's new album Love Struck will be released in June of 2020. You can get more information at .   As always, we're answering YOUR listener-submitted questions. Topics covered this week include Wrathchild America, female rock guitarists, Dr. Seuss, Friday the 13th movies, movie soundtracks, RATT selling insurance, 90's Metallica, Iron Maiden eras, Rush albums, Black Sabbath, DIO guitar players, and much more!   Additionally, David will take on Chris in another round of Beat the...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol11 - Ep408 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol11 - Ep408

Decibel Geek Podcast

We're joined by a Decibel Geek legend this week as Shane "The Mooger Fooger" Paisley joins us for The Quarantine Sessions Vol11! If you've listened to Decibel Geek for any amount of time you're more than familiar with The Mooger Fooger as he's named pretty much every week during our Geeks of the Week segment. Who is this mystery man and how did he get his name? Listen and find out! As always, we're answering your submitted questions. Topics covered this week include our thoughts on the recent passing of Bob Kulick, time-travel concerts, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Dial MTV, Bill & Ted...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol10 - Ep407 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol10 - Ep407

Decibel Geek Podcast

Rock photographer Mike G of MDG Rock Photography joins us this week for The Quarantine Sessions Vol10! Mike has been a staff photographer for many years and has taken some amazing live shots of many rock icons. You can check out his work at as well as the account.   This week we touch on a myriad of topics including supergroups, favorite rock photographs, country acts covering rock songs, bands that inspired our love of rock, Ace Frehley's solo career, authors, video games, rock mascots, Winger's Purple Haze cover, and tons more!   Also, Aaron Camaro returns to host another...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol9 - Ep406 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol9 - Ep406

Decibel Geek Podcast

We're doing the KISS thing again this week with special guest Andrew Sgambati for The Quarantine Sessions Vol9! Andrew recently released his new KISS fan film One Last Time Live from New York City The Movie!   This part documentary / part concert film is an inside journey into the KISS End of the Road tour. While the movie is focused on the current tour, it's so much more. The movie also touches on Andrew's personal KISStory; going back to the beginning of his fandom in 1988. You can watch the movie for FREE on youtube at   As per usual with The Quarantine Sessions, we're...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol8 - Ep405 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol8 - Ep405

Decibel Geek Podcast

It's our craziest episode yet as Rockin' Ron Runyon from Decibel Geek TV joins us for The Quarantine Sessions Vol8! If you aren't aware, Rockin' Ron has been capturing glorious live footage of your favorite bands for years. That footage is distributed via Decibel Geek TV on Youtube. Additionally, Ron has created some amazing enhanced versions of some of your favorite Decibel Geek episodes. It's all available at Decibel Geek TV. Please go there and subscribe, won't you? This episode goes off the rails in the best way as we answer YOUR listener questions while imbibing in our favorite spirits....

The Quarantine Sessions Vol7 - Ep404 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol7 - Ep404

Decibel Geek Podcast

This week we're joined by Loose Cannon from the Cobras and Fire Podcast for The Quarantine Sessions Vol7! As we did last week with his digital life partner Bakko, LC joins us for another round of listener questions. We touch on all kinds of stuff in this episode. Topics include bad KISS lyrics, Badlands, the Big 4 of Sleaze?, beer, recording podcasts in a car, uses of umlauts, the smell of CD booklets, replacements for Gene Simmons, favorite podcasts, the harm that Sammy Hagar has done to this world and much more! Quarantine Sessions Vol7 Additionally, LC takes on Chris in another round of...

The Quarantine Sessions Vol6 - Ep403 show art The Quarantine Sessions Vol6 - Ep403

Decibel Geek Podcast

This week we're joined by Bakko from the Cobras and Fire Podcast for The Quarantine Sessions Vol6! This week the guys are taking another round of YOUR questions. We touch on Van Halen albums, Paul Stanley's voice, underrated/overrated/perfectly rated bands, our planned career paths in high school, the Big 4, streetfighting theme songs, and tons more! Additionally, Bakko takes on Chris in another round of Beat the Geek! This trivia show that "goes to 11" is hosted by Aaron Camaro and he brought some serious brain busters this week. Did Chris defend his title? You'll have to listen to find out!...

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In the 4+ years Aaron and Chris have been doing this podcast, they never expected to meet today's guest. We're thrilled to share this talk with you.

Desmond Child
Episode 195

Legendary songwriter/producer Desmond Child welcomes Chris and Aaron into his studio for an in-depth discussion about his life in music. In this hour-plus talk, Desmond looks back on his early days as a performer in the NY-based disco group Desmond Child and Rouge. This band was a favorite of KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley, who used to frequent the band's live shows. A friendship was struck as well as gold when the two collaborated on 'I Was Made for Lovin' You', a Top 10 smash that spanned the globe. Desmond's career in writing/producing took off from there.

In this conversation, Desmond shares his memories of working with some hard rock and metal legends. From his time working with Stanley and KISS on albums such as Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, and Hot in the Shade, Desmond shares his memories of Paul Stanley's songwriting process as well as a strained relationship with Gene Simmons over some words said in an interview during the buildup to 1992's 'Revenge' album.

Desmond Child helped propel Bon Jovi to superstardom due to his collaboration with band on songs such as 'Livin' on a Prayer' and 'You Give Love a Bad Name' from 1986's Slippery When Wet album. In this discussion, Desmond sets the scene of a trip to a suburban New Jersey home and the process in which two of the biggest anthems in rock history were born. The songs carry a very personal meaning to Desmond and he explains how the stories in these songs related to his real life.

Also notable in the hard rock world is Desmond Child's work with Boston rockers Aerosmith. Once again, his contributions would make a massive difference in a band's career; this time in the resurrection of a band that had been long-thought finished. Desmond's contributions in the form  of, most notably, '(Dude) Looks Like a Lady' and 'Angel' would help 1987's Permanent Vacation album go on to sell over 5 million copies in the US alone. His collaboration with Aerosmith has lasted ever since with the writing partnership being evident on subsequent albums such as Pump, Get a Grip, Nine Lives, and Music from Another Dimension.

During this in-depth talk, Desmond shares his passion in protecting music creator's rights and his thoughts on the decline of sales in music and how this trend is negatively affecting the industry and its impact on future generations of musicians. In this discussion, he shares information about the Songwriters Equity Act and the Fair Trade Music Initiative, a wholly independent advocacy network for music creators. Its goal is the championing of a set of Fair Trade Music Principles designed to ensure transparency, fair compensation, and autonomy for music creators in an increasingly complex and non-transparent music business landscape. More information on the Songwriters Equity Act can be found HERE. More information on the Fair Trade Music Initiative is available HERE.

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