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Amend 2012 Debate

2nd Act Podcast

Release Date: 06/30/2019

Amendment 22 in Nebraska passed the congress today. It allows CBD oil For retail sale in counties with population over 100

  • Kevin’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Hyasynth Bio
  • An inside look at Hyasynth Bio and its work with hemp-derived CBD oil and cannabinoids
  • A deep dive into CBD biosynthesis and how Hyasynth Bio uses this process to grow cannabis compounds for full spectrum CBD inside yeast cells
  • How Hyasynth Bio has successfully overcome challenges with biosynthesis
  • The sciemtific history of biosynthesis in the process of extracting CBD oil for sleep issues and where Kevin sees this relationship evolving in the years to come
  • The different types of end CBD products we’ll start to see for sale in dispensaries that use biosynthesis
  • How biosynthesis will affect CBD vape oil prices
  • Hyasynth Bio’s intellectual property strategy and how Kevin manages the company’s patents
  • The traditional CBD oil companies that are investing in biosynthesis
  • Where Kevin sees cannabinoid biosynthesis heading in the next 3-5 years
  • Ryan’s background in CBD oil for kids and how he came to start LeafLink
  • An inside look at LeafLink and the ways in which it helps CBD Oil brands and retailers streamline the ordering process
  • A breakdown of the companies using LeafLink and the number of new brands launching each week
  • How the CBD oil marketplace on LeafLink has evolved over the last two years
  • A snapshot of the bestselling CBD oil products on LeafLink and Ryan’s insight on up-and-comers
  • The data points Ryan finds most interesting about today’s cannabis and CBD marketplace
  • Ryan’s advice to entrepreneurs interested in creating a new cannabis product
  • Ways in which CBD oil formulas and retailers can differentiate themselves in the competitive cannabis space
  • Products LeafLink offers cannabis brands and retailers, including streamlined ordering, CRM, reporting tools, and fulfillment and shipment queues
  • Where LeafLink is currently at in the capital-raising process
  • Where Ryan sees LeafLink and the CBD marketplace heading over the next few years