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How to Build a Culture Your Clients Love

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Release Date: 05/14/2021

Performance Through Recovery show art Performance Through Recovery

Fitness Franchise Podcast

In this episode, Bryce Henson learns about getting ‘naked’ with former US Navy Seal William Branum. Will is the founder of “Naked Warrior Recovery,” a CBD company created to support physical and mental recovery through innovation and excellence.  Learn how to ‘GET NAKED’, Will’s philosophy and mindset which is about taking off your ego so that you stop wearing it around like body armor. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and remove self-limiting beliefs through taking action. Today, William is focused on sharing the recovery benefits he has experienced through quality CBD...

Franchise Secrets show art Franchise Secrets

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson interviews the very successful Erik Van Horn on today's show.  From franchisee to regional developer, and investor to consultant Erik is a franchising specialist and impressive franchisor.  Listen in today to learn valuable tips and insider info from a franchisee and franchisor perspective. Bryce and Erik talk about the franchising industry, get pockets full of useful information and tools to help you in your own business. 01:10 - Bryce introduces today’s guest, a franchising specialist, expert in multi-brand ownership, and a franchisor, meet the impressive...

Mask Mandates Continue show art Mask Mandates Continue

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your hosts, Bryce Henson and Bedros Keuilian join forces today to update us from an entrepreneurial stance on the recent indoor mandates. Owning and running a franchise in California and New York is once again showing its difficulties with new mask mandates.  Learn what's going on, your choices, and what is correct versus the right thing to do is.  01:03 - Bryce teams up with co-host Bedros to talk about recent indoor mask mandate updates. 02:15 -  Bedros gives insight into the new updates on the newest “flattening the curve” and what the reality of it really is. 08:04 -...

How To Take Your Fitness Business Online show art How To Take Your Fitness Business Online

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews fitness business strategist Mitch Malandrino. Mitch tells us all things new and innovative for fitness businesses, and the new standard successful fitness brands need to operate at, in order to grow. The entire industry was forced to move online, and if you’re trailing behind, you’re simply missing out. Mitch walks us through his impeccable timing of joining the software industry, the fortunate pain of exponential growth and need of his services, and what’s ahead for software, marketing, retention, and client services.  If you’re needing to make...

Loud Rumor show art Loud Rumor

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews fitness marketing guru Mike Arce, creator of “Loud Rumor.” Mike is a sought-after speaker in the fitness industry with a mission to help fitness studios increase memberships. Loud Rumor is one of the most extensive resources for fitness studio owners and their staff to learn the in’s and out’s of growing their studios from presale and marketing to hitting membership capacity and opening new locations. Listen along to today’s show to hear how he did it all and how he can help you take your business to its greatest success.   01:09 - Bryce...

The Capitalist Pig show art The Capitalist Pig

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews affiliate marketing coach and master offer crafter Steve Larsen, The Capitalist Pig. Steve got his start in 2015 when he bought ClickFunnels and started trading funnels.  In 2017 he created the curriculum for the first 2 Comma Club Coaching programs, which led to him branching out on his own. Just a year later he left to start his own company, Pursuit of Profit, where he has created a game-changing practice.   Listen along to today’s show to hear how he did it all and how he can help you take your business to its greatest success. ...

EOS Integration show art EOS Integration

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews good friend and successful entrepreneur Brian Underhill on today’s show. Brian is a Professional EOS Implementer, who works with leadership teams for an array of business industries. By working with leadership teams he implements simple and practical tools helping organizations gain clarity and focus for the vision.  Hear how Brian has created this system, how it has helped FBBC and how it can help you.  Listen along as he breaks down the process, philosophies and how it gets proven results.  00:40 - Bryce introduces today’s show and...

The No Nonsense Approach show art The No Nonsense Approach

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host Bryce Henson, interviews today’s guest Stuart Brauer, owner of “WTF Gym Talk.” Stuart is a self educated student of strength and conditioning, continually learning and growing.  He is a business consultant, gym owner, and speaker, his company offers social media copywriting services.   Are you looking for a no nonsense straight shooting approach to your business, lifestyle, and fitness?  Then Stu is definitely your man!  Listen in for key insights into marketing, opening and running a microgym, and all things commercial real estate on today’s...

Franchising PR Practices show art Franchising PR Practices

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host Bryce Henson, interviews today’s guest Zack Fishman of Fishman PR Firm. Zack is the Director of Innovation at Fishman PR where he runs business development and helps innovate on Grand Openings, Content Marketing, and agency operations.  Hear about how the Fishman family built one of the most sought after PR firms and how they continue to strive to be the best for their clients. Over the past 25 years, Fishman PR has perfected a proven method of developing PR strategies that drive the right qualified leads to franchise sales teams. There’s more to franchise lead generation PR...

The Business Growth Guru show art The Business Growth Guru

Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host Bryce Henson, interviews an amazingly successful and motivating guest on today’s show.  Cameron Herold a top business consultant, best-selling author, and speaker. Cameron has built two 100 Million Dollar companies and engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s growth from $2Million to $106 Million in revenue. Cameron teaches others from his experience and happily shares his expertise with other dynamic business leaders. Listen along to hear how he has done it all and how you can too! 01:14 - Your host Bryce Henson introduces today’s guest Cameron Herold, “The Business Growth...

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Within the walls of any successful fitness gym, it's the culture that sets the stage for success. As an owner, it's your responsibility to put the right people in place who carry out the values, mindset, behaviors, and beliefs that inspire clients to keep coming back. The bottom line is that culture will make or break your organization and be your greatest competitive advantage if done right. 

In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with CJ Wehrkamp, a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner and CAP Coach (Coaching & Profitability), who helps dozens of franchise owners scale their business. 

CJ gives us his insight into building a winning team that shares your vision, the importance of leading yourself before others, employees versus team members, how to follow up with leads, working with family, and so much more. 

"When you're in the moment, you don't really see the learning lessons you could take from a situation. But what I learned is how you lead yourself, and your team is everything." -CJ Wehrkamp

Here's what you don't want to miss:

  • 2:40 What it takes to build self-confidence and going with your gut
  • 7:12 Lessons learned and how to set your team up for success
  • 8:26 How to differentiate an employee from a team member
  • 10:25 Starting a new location and facing the many unknowns
  • 13:25 Being in the trenches and getting your business off the ground
  • 15:05 The importance of leading yourself before leading others
  • 18:15 Working on the business versus working in the business
  • 20:29 Build a team that genuinely loves showing up every single day
  • 24:30 Being above average and why you should be client-centric
  • 27:00 How to build a team culture that clients love to experience
  • 30:20 The perfect follow up system and increasing client retention 
  • 34:10 Re-engaging leads and levering new programs to add value
  • 37:08 Evolving your marketing strategy and reaching more leads
  • 43:10 Working with family and setting the right expectations
  • 48:15 How to deliver an epic amount of energy for your clients 
  • 53:00 Making decisions and course-correcting along the way
  • 57:07 The importance of vision and the support of your team

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