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FOT #19 - How to Manage a Difficult Psychedelic Experience, Raising Harm Reduction Awareness in Downtown Toronto

Flight of Thoughts

Release Date: 07/10/2019

Flight Of Thoughts Episode 19 was recorded at Balsam Lake camp ground in Ontario, Canada. I share the most updated advice and information on preparing set/setting/intention, and managing a difficult psychedelic experience. These techniques also work on de-escalating emotional crisis or working through emotional trauma.
First, I talk about how to prepare for an effective psychedelic experience with proper set, setting, and intention behind it. I then go into how to manage the energy or “the fear” that comes on during the onset of psychedelic energy. If you can work through the difficult energy, it allows you to heal and re-process emotional trauma that usually takes years of therapy to relieve. Do your research and follow this harm reduction advice!
The second part of this episode discusses what it is like promoting psychedelic healing and research in downtown Toronto; despite the stigma and push back from some of the public. I recap my day at Kensington Market promoting the Psychedelic Society Of First Responders and Emergency Workers at a major market and breaking stigma through conversation.  Follow The Psychedelic Society of First Responders and Emergency Workers on Facebook to join the conversation, network, or exchange information on these topics!




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The Psychedelic Society of First Responders and Emergency Workers


This podcast is uncensored and covers many topics considered “taboo” or difficult for some individuals. We do not condone any illegal activities, as this is a platform for harm reduction and open-dialogue.  Although the ideas are mostly evidence-based and honest, the lines of reality and comedy may be blurred at times...this is your trigger warning!