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FOT #8 - Analyzing themes of addiction, PTSD, and pediatric epilepsy in The Shining

Flight of Thoughts

Release Date: 12/06/2018

This is a special segment of Flight of Thoughts that analyzes classic movies to explore themes that are related to mental health, trauma, psychedelics, and other surreal themes that may have been missed by audiences. This time we look at Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining".  I am joined by my good friend Chris Kinsella, a horror movie connoisseur and lover of the darkly comedic, artistically surreal, and disturbing aspects of the genre.  Our goal is to combine our passions to break down these ideas; integrating them into our views of mental health and human behaviour.  There are many rabbit holes to dive into with The Shining, but we pick out messages about overcoming addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as discussing Danny's "shining" from the perspective of pediatric epilepsy (seizures). 

This will be an ongoing segment that is integrated with the rest of the Flight of Thoughts podcast.  Stay tuned for more movie break downs with Chris and myself!





The Psychedelic Society of First Responders and Emergency Workers


Chris Kinsella will be starting his own series on YouTube exploring horror movies from his darkly comedic takes on society, and passion for the art and power of effective moments in horror cinema!  Until then follow him on Instagram for ongoing content, with rants on movies and our society as a whole! @ckinsella