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FOT #9- The complexity of ADD/ADHD, the various symptoms between males and females, and optimizing cognitive functioning

Flight of Thoughts

Release Date: 12/14/2018

For this episode I am joined by my friend Maggie Grainger to talk about ADD/ADHD and cognitive functioning. Maggie has a BSc in Biological Anthropology and Psychology, now expanding her expertise into Addictions and Mental Health Work. Maggie helps me take apart the different symptoms of ADD/ADHD in both men and women, the complexity and importance of proper of diagnosis and treatment, how the ADD/ADHD brain is wired, as well as exploring the idea of optimal cognitive functioning. Why does the THC in cannabis compliment the ADHD brain so well? We also explain what is happening in the ADD/ADHD brain to cause the various symptoms. It has been confirmed by Electro-Encephalography (EEG) studies that the right prefrontal cortex falls asleep when symptoms are present, causing theta wave deep-sleep. This is why those with ADD/ADHD require extra dopaminergic stimulation and often seek high-risk behaviours or careers to compliment this!  I personally feel that I chose to work in emergency services because of how my brain is wired, and I feel many others in high-risk fields may feel similar.  Enjoy this episode and feel free to leave comments on how you cope with symptoms of ADD or ADHD for others to learn from!






The Psychedelic Society of First Responders and Emergency Workers


This podcast is uncensored and covers many topics considered “taboo” or difficult for some individuals. We do not condone any illegal activities, as this is a platform for harm reduction and open-dialogue.  Although the ideas are mostly evidence-based and honest, the lines of reality and comedy may be blurred at times...this is your trigger warning!