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FOT #11 - Self-care for preventing PTSD, how to re-process traumatic experiences with cannabis, and discussing our most intense moments in the field

Flight of Thoughts

Release Date: 01/18/2019

This is an exciting episode with my good friend Charlie, who worked with me as a Paramedic and as a 9-1-1 call taker.  We share some of our most intense experiences working in emergency services, how we use cannabis for self care to prevent PTSD as first responders, healthy VS unhealthy coping strategies, and more surreal framing of how we view life and death.  We also talk about a few calls we have done that caused an acute stress response and what measures we took to re-process and overcome them, before they manifested as trauma.  Enjoy this ride through life and death moments, using psychedelics and cannabis for self care, while integrating our dark sense of humor!  Cannabis can be an effective self-care tool for the overall benefit to the mental health of first responders and emergency workers when used responsibly with education!  

Strains that are high in Myrcene, CBD, and Linalool are best for combating the acute stress reaction that you may have 24-48 hour after a stressful emergency call.  Avoid high levels of THC (above 12%) when experiencing distressing emotions or anxiety, as CBD-dominant indica and hybrids are much better for managing those symptoms.  Sativa strains high in THC can exacerbate rumination and distressing emotions, so stick to strains that promote a healthy balance of terpenes and CBD when possible!





The Psychedelic Society of First Responders and Emergency Workers


This podcast is uncensored and covers many topics considered “taboo” or difficult for some individuals. We do not condone any illegal activities, as this is a platform for harm reduction and open-dialogue.  Although the ideas are mostly evidence-based and honest, the lines of reality and comedy may be blurred at times...this is your trigger warning!