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Welcome to The Get Inspired podcast

getinspiredwithrebbetzinesti's podcast

Release Date: 07/28/2021

Welcome to the Get Inspired podcast , I’m your host - Rebbetzin Esti

On this podcast, you will be hearing motivational thoughts on growth, experiencing paradigm shifts, and therefore stepping into your full potential. 

I will show you that the life you have is the best one.

I’ve been teaching Torah for over 20 years. Inspiring communities around the world with classes on spiritual growth, character development and shifting into a gratitude mindset.

My light bulb moment began when our oldest son Daniel was born very sick. We were told that he had no hope for survival - he is now 18 years old. 

This experience taught me how precious life is, and how crucial it is to embrace the life we are given and let it teach us about our own greatness.

So join me, Grab your cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and let's chat about real life.


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And Don’t  wait for the rain to stop, bring your own sunshine wherever you go!