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274: Scared to Start Your Email List? Start Here.

The Goal Digger Podcast

Release Date: 07/15/2019

My business mantras include -- One: Done is better than perfect. Two: Nothing is urgent. And Three: Don’t build your business on a platform you can’t control. 

I can’t tell you how many DMs I get every time Facebook or Instagram does down, hundreds of panicked people wondering how they’ll get their message heard if they can’t post to Instagram that day.

You know I like to show up on Instagram and it’s always been a great way to connect and communicate with my audience and ideal customers, but there’s something I’ve learned and I am so passionate about it, I’ll never stop sharing the importance of it: You need an email list. 

When Instagram goes down -- No sweat. I can still reach my audience, and even more directly, with my email list. Instagram is the handshake, but email closes the deal.

Today I’m working with one of my students, Natasha Smith, for a coaching session all about email lists. She’s a little apprehensive about building her list, she doesn’t want to sound sales-y and she’s not entirely sure what would convert best for her business. Class is in session!

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