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EP 057 There Is No Such Thing as the Perfect Time to Travel Solo.

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 12/29/2017

Talek Nantes has a lot of experience traveling the world and makes five to six international trips every year. Her mother traveled from Cuba to New York while she was still pregnant with Talek and owned a travel agency; this exposed Talek to the world and she does not remember a time where she wasn’t learning about different people and their cultures. On this week’s show, Talek has some age-old advice for the newbie traveler as to what to do when you've stepped foot in a foreign country and things to be aware of so you don’t get ripped off!


Key Takeaways:

*What inspired Talek to travel solo?

*What was Talek’s big ‘ah-ha’ moment when it came to solo travel?

*So many women think solo travel is something only ‘college-aged’ women do. Not true!

*The more time passes, the less likely you are to travel alone.

*If you’re afraid of danger, start slowly, travel to countries that speak English or travel within the United States.

*It’s easier to travel these days with the use of technology!

*When Talek travels to a new country for the first time, what are some of the things she does to get familiar with the surrounding areas?

*Talek has been to over 100 countries and does about five or six international trips a year.

*What was Talek’s trip to New Zealand like?

*Where has Talek traveled to, throughout her life?

*What advice does Talek have for those who might not feel very comfortable traveling to China?

*What kinds of resources does Talek like to use while researching for a new trip?

*Do your research, but don’t over-plan! It takes some of the excitement out of it.

*Always asks how much something costs before buying it. It may sound dumb, but very rarely do we do this consistently. Talek spent $80 on a manicure because she didn’t do this.

*Don’t be afraid to be a bit assertive and impolite. Sad to say, but people try to take financial advantage of women because they don’t think they’d protest.

*What’s next for Talek?


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