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EP 059 Make a Career out of Writing and Solo Traveling

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 01/12/2018

Carol Perehudoff, also known as Wandering Carol, is a luxury travel blogger. With slightly over 15 years of experience as a travel writer, Carol has had her fair share of fascinating stories and adventures. Through hard work and sticking with it, she has made a career out of her two favorite things — traveling and writing! On today’s show, Carol discusses how she became a travel writer and also offers advice how you can start building a career for yourself… today!


Key Takeaways:

*How did Carol get her start traveling?

*Are you scared to travel? Take baby steps. It’s a muscle that gets stronger every time you exercise it.

*Carol once had to say to her husband, “You know I am a travel writer, did it not once occur to you that I will travel?” His reply was, “No!”

*Carol and her husband have been together for over 9 years, so he is more than used to having Carol jet set off alone to exotic locations by this point.

*Keep in mind, when Carol’s husband stays home, he isn’t losing out or missing out. In fact, he’s gaining. Everyone needs their alone time.

*Where has Carol traveled to that has really made a big impact on her?

*Where was Carol in her life when she decided to travel solo?

*How did Carol make her career as a solo traveler and also get speaking gigs from it?

*Carol is amazed by how technology advances so quickly. When she started, she had to get her worked passed by editors. Now, anyone can start a blog and start writing and traveling, on their own terms.

*Why does Carol love the South of France so darn much?

*Carol shares her story about meeting this shady/creepy guy in a foreign country and why you need to be alert as a solo woman. Trust your gut instincts!

*Despite getting one or two bad vibes from people, Carol has met so many amazing and wonderful people throughout her travels that the bad apples definitely do not ruin the bunch.

*When you’re traveling solo, you are dependant on the kindness of strangers.

*What’s next for Carol?

*Carol is the spa expert. Where in the world should you go to for the ultimate spa experience?


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