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EP 065: Let’s Take a Year off to Go on a Family Trip

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 02/23/2018

Paige Totaro is a travel blogger and travel group planner with two twin girls. When her children were 12 years old, she knew it was time for the entire family to take a year off and go traveling. How did she manage to do this without losing her mind? Find out on this week’s episode of Go Solo Live!


Key Takeaways:

*Who is Paige and where is she currently located?

*How did Paige get started solo traveling?

*It took Paige a year of planning before she and her family could take a year off to travel.

*Paige was very happy she did a family trip because everybody bonded together as a family.

*What was Paige’s travel experience before she traveled with her family?

*Paige took a writer’s workshop where she got to hike, think, and write with a group of ladies!

*It’s not always practical to travel with the family.

*What was it like to travel solo in Cuba?

*How does Paige’s husband feel about her traveling solo?

*What’s next for Paige?

*What tips does Paige have for the moms who want to travel with the whole family?

*Paige shares where she finds her cheap flights.


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