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EP 074: You’re Never Really Alone When You Solo Travel.

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 04/27/2018

Tam Warner Minton is a solo traveler, adventurer, and scuba diver and she is super passionate about saving our oceans! Tam went on her first solo trip in 2012 and has been addicted ever since. As she says on the show, you’re never truly alone when you’re out solo traveling. There is always something to do and you’re always meeting wonderful people while on you’re on your trips. So many of Tam’s friends are still scared to travel solo, but there is really no reason to be.


Key Takeaways:

*Where was Tam in her life when she decided to solo travel?

*Tam’s children were scared for her.

*How did Tam’s husband take the news that she was going to go to Mozambique?

*Unfortunately, Tam knows so many women who don’t want to travel alone.

*Tam joined a group to help her see Mozambique and she was the oldest person there.

*What were some of Tam’s biggest takeaways when she came home from that trip?

*When you travel solo, you’re never actually alone.

*Where are some of Tam’s favorite places to go diving?

*Tam discusses what her expedition to Antarctica was like.

*What’s next for Tam?

*You don’t have to go across the pond to ‘travel.’ Small trips in your backyard count as well!


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