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EP 077: Sharing the Passion of Travel with Family

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 05/18/2018

Today we have another Mother’s Day themed episode with Kathy Buechel. Kathy shares her goal of developing the spirit of travel in her two sons, just as her grandparents passed it on to her.


Her grandparents used to travel all across the United States and overseas, always bringing home pictures from their trips. Kathy recalls seeing these photographs and thinking about what it feels like to see these sights in real life. Being ardent about traveling herself, she made sure that she will pass this passion to her sons.


She remembers thinking of what she could share to her two boys that has a special place in her heart. She wanted to bond with them and show one of her passions, for them to realize that the world is full of things to see. Because what else could be a better bonding moment than to make memories in beautiful places with the people you love?


Key Takeaways:


  • Kathy was mainly influenced by her grandparents to travel when she was young.
  • She shares about instilling the spirit of travel to her two sons and how to motivate children to see more of the world.
  • Kathy shares how she encourages her children to pick their adventures, without sacrificing important aspects of the boys’ life.
  • She recaps the places that they have visited, her boys picking their destinations and planning their itineraries.
  • Her sons have learned chunks of lessons when it comes to smart traveling, some problems that they came across on trips and the beautiful memories they shared together.
  • She gives funny anecdotes from her travels and how these stories have made their bond as a family stronger.


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