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EP 078: Flashpacking and Disconnecting from City Life

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 05/25/2018

Have you ever felt restless enough that you just want to disconnect for a while? Our guest for today’s episode has been in the same situation. Too much that she finally found her freedom in solo traveling. I welcome in our show Lisa M, AKA the Hot Flash Packer.

Intrigued by the name? A flashpacker means a backpacker who has that extra “flash”, who has more budget and can stay in better places when traveling.

Lisa has been feeling restless with her job. When she read about people quitting their jobs to travel, she sold her car, sold her house, bought a backpack and set her course. She has now traveled to 87 countries on all 7 continents.

Some of her trips are planned, most of her trips were not. She recalls how life-changing it was to be in a country without a plan, not speaking the language, not having reservations on accommodations and not having an itinerary. Still, she had a cathartic experience with the best strangers she met.

All of her trips have stories that she has taken with her. She has been bit by the travel bug, going with opportunities as they presented themselves. Truly, she has the grace to live for the moment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lisa reveals what pushed her in her decision of quitting her job and doing solo traveling.
  • Lisa lists the planning she did before her trips, the routines she does when on the road and the great ways to enjoy backpacking.
  • She shares how her most life-changing travels were the ones left unplanned.
  • She gives anecdotes of her exhilarating trips around the world, the amazing cultures she experienced and the incredible people she met.
  • She admits that while she likes meeting new people, she has a standard for the people she wants to travel with and she has a questionnaire made ready to find the perfect travel buddy.
  • She shares what is next on her list of travel destinations by cross-country travel.

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