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#040 - Music Special no. 9 - Atmospheric & Ambient Black Metal Epics

The GribCast

Release Date: 03/13/2018

#056 - Music Special no. 15 show art #056 - Music Special no. 15

The GribCast

The Gribshnobler was so excessive with his last music special, that he ended up with another whole episode just for all the music he couldn't fit in last time.  Most of the tracks are on the lengthier side and tend to fall into the Ambient, Dark Ambient, and/or Drone categories (including more tracks from Droneuary), but you'll also get to hear some Experimental music, Progressive Rock, Funeral Doom Metal, Field Recording, and an acoustic Alan Parson's Project cover, and more.  Bands/Musicians included in this episode: Doors in the Labyrinth, M Is We, Gesara, Rand Kelly, EVQ, ArTe...

#055 - Music Special no. 14 show art #055 - Music Special no. 14

The GribCast

Over the years there have been many musicians and bands that have given The Gribshnobler permission to play them on the show, but several of them have yet to be featured.  Well, today that has changed, as those bands/musicians are the main focus of this episode.  After sharing this eclectic batch of music, The Gribshnobler is joined by Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records, who came to chat about the recent Droneuary and April Fields collections, which includes two lengthy tracks with The Gribshnobler himself. Genres featured in this episode: Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Math...

#054 - Field Recordings for Relaxation (ASMR) show art #054 - Field Recordings for Relaxation (ASMR)

The GribCast

The Gribshnobler presents a selection of field recording pieces to help you relax during these stressful times.  Most of the pieces were released as part of Silber Records' series April Fields. Recommended for those who like Nature Sounds, ambient or dark ambient music, ASMR, and the gentle tones of a cat purring.  Includes works from Small Life Form, Staplerfahrer, Zaahj, Switchblade Kid, Broken Shoulder, and The Gribshnobler himself Silber Records on , , and   Music in this Episode All tracks part of April Fields 2020 unless specified otherwise   1. The Gribshnobler: A...

#053 - 1970 Hugo Challenge: Intro & Best Dramatic Presentation (feat. Seth Heasley) show art #053 - 1970 Hugo Challenge: Intro & Best Dramatic Presentation (feat. Seth Heasley)

The GribCast

Seth Heasley, host of the Hugos There Podcast, joins The Gribshnobler to introduce his 1970 Hugo Awards Reading Challenge and to discuss all of the science fiction movies and media nominated for the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation in that year, including The Bed-Sitting Room, The Illustrated Man, Marooned, The Immortal (1970 TV pilot), and news coverage and documentary of Apollo 11. Authors discussed include Robert Silverberg, Ursula K. Le Guin, Samuel R. Delany, Larry Niven, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Piers Anthony and more! Also featuring music by Ethereal Delusions...

#052 - Reading Challenge 2020 show art #052 - Reading Challenge 2020

The GribCast

The Gribshnobler is all by himself, talking about his 2020 Reading challenge. He's gonna tell you about the various categories he came up with, which books he plans on reading, which books he's already read, and some other stuff.  Also featured is some new music by Trouble Salad, including another drone entry for Silber Records' Droneuary 2020 Authors mentioned in this episode include A. E. Marling, Michael Swanwick, Cat Rambo, Julia Liz Eliot, Saladin Ahmed, P. Djeli Clark, Theodora Goss, Rich Horton, Frank Herbert, Michael Moorcock, Norman Spinrad, Marlon James, Harlan Ellison, Ursula...

#051 - Favorite Books Read in 2019 show art #051 - Favorite Books Read in 2019

The GribCast

LadyMsGee and The Gribshnobler celebrate the new year by talking about their favorite books they read during the last year. LadyMsGee's top 25 includes lots of history and historical fiction, several works by jewish authors, some classics, and more! The Gribshnobler's top 20 features many works of science fiction, some children's books, a couple of graphic novels, and (guess what) more! Also included in this episode is a bonus clip featuring Professor Gerry Canavan discussing The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and some drone / ambient music by Bodies That Matter, Ocean in a Bottle, and Remora....

#050 - Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler (with Prof. Gerry Canavan) show art #050 - Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler (with Prof. Gerry Canavan)

The GribCast

LadyMsGee and The Gribshnobler are joined by special guest Professor Gerry Canavan, author of Masters of Science Fiction: Octavia E. Butler. We discuss Parable of the Talents, sequel to dystopian science fiction novel Parable of the Sower, along with Butler's life and work in general. Stick around until the end for some mentions of Margaret Atwood, Ken Liu, Cixin Liu, and Isaac Asimov.  We also feature some Butler inspired music from T. C. Costello and Black Quantum Futurism with MMGZ.  Books are great. Buy Professor Canavan's book, Masters of Science Fiction: Octavia E. Butler...

#049 - Music Special no. 13 - Halloween 2019 show art #049 - Music Special no. 13 - Halloween 2019

The GribCast

Happy Halloween from The GribCast! Listen up for 5 hours of creepy tunes and stuff.  Hear some eerie indie rock from The Casket Girls.  Beware of the Silber Media Sounds of Halloween.  Behold the majesty of a brand new Fraticornicos album along with the horror of a simulated Q&A. Gaze upon to the conjoined covers of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. Not even the murky music of Vampire Step-Dad can save you this time. If you make it to the chilling end, you will experience Synthwave, Darkwave, Ghostwave, Experimental Electronic music, Field Recordings, Dark Ambient,...

We Watch Too Many Cartoons #11 - The Chipmunk Adventure show art We Watch Too Many Cartoons #11 - The Chipmunk Adventure

The GribCast

The Gribshnobler digs into the GribVaults to bring you the first feature film commentary recorded for The GribCast.  A few years ago The Contrarian sat down with The Gribshnobler to watch The Chipmunk Adventure (on VHS even!), the first movie to feature Alvin & The Chipmunks, originally released in 1987.  Listen to the end for a special appearance from LadyMsGee! Purchase The Chipmunk Adventure from Amazon:    Music in this episode 1. The Gribshnobler: I Watch Too Many Cartoons from the album This is Not Me   2. Alvin & The Chipmunks / Charlie Daniels: The...

#048 - ????????????!! show art #048 - ????????????!!

The GribCast

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More Episodes

The Gribshnobler fails his promise to keep the music specials under 4 hours and decides to share several epic-length pieces of Atmospheric & Ambient Black Metal, including related sub-genres of Experimental Black Metal, Post-Black Metal, Progressive Black Metal, and Dark Ambient.  Includes a black metal related deleted scene from his earlier conversation with Jonathan Fraser and music by Tchornobog, Jute Gyte, Elderwind, Mare Cognitum, Wonders of Nature, Skyforest, Coldnight, Vaiya, Body 13, Ulgard, ZÖN, Jonathan Fraser, and all 3 projects (so far) of the Prava Kollektiv: Mahr, Voidsphere, and Arkhtinn.

Note: if one listens carefully they may hear my laundry washing machine and dishwasher

Note 2:  Initial upload had an error which led to much of the dialogue track being off by about 10 seconds.  This has been corrected and a new version uploaded (03/29/2018).

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Some Labels to Look Into


Amor Fati Productions: Facebook, Bandcamp, and http://amor-fati-productions.de

Depressive Illusions Records: Facebook, Bandcamp, and http://depressiveillusions.com

Endless Decrepitude Productions: FacebookBandcamp, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and https://www.endlessdecrepitude.com

Fallen Empire Records: Facebook, Bandcamp and  http://www.fallenempirerecords.com

Nihil Art Records: Facebook, Bandcamp, and http://www.nihilart.com


Music in this Episode


1. Tchornobog: III: Non-Existence’s Warmth (Infinite Natality Psychosis) (14:22)

from the album Tchornobog

Tchornobog on Cassette

Tchornobog on CD 

Tchornobog on Facebook

Markov Saroka on Bandcamp


2. Jute Gyte: I Am in Athens and Pericles is Young (12:33)

from the album Perdurance


3. Jute Gyte: Eberswalde (10:00)

from the album Noctis Labyrinthus

Jute Gyte on Bandcamp


4. Elderwind: In the Snow (5:42)

5. Elderwind: The Approach of Spring (9:26)

from the album The Magic of Nature

Elderwind on FacebookBandcamp, and https://vk.com/elderwind


6. Mare Cognitum: Sol Ourobouros (29:10)

from the split Spectral Lore​/​Mare Cognitum Sol [Remastered]

Mare Cognitum on Facebook and Bandcamp


7. Wonders of Nature: Winter Twilight (10:13)

from the album Winter Forest (Bonus Edition)

Wonders of Nature on Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud and https://vk.com/won_ambient


8. Skyforest: Together in Death (9:36)

from the album Aftermath

Skyforest on Bandcamp and Facebook

You can check out all of the other projects of B.M on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Youtube


9. Coldnight: Let the Forest Dry Your Tears (12:43)

from the split Sangrentos Bosques Antigos

New song from Coldnight: Celestial Sepulchral

Coldnight on Facebook, archive.org, and with Depressive Illusion Records


10. Mahr: Apostasy (10:34)

from the album Antelux

Antelux on Cassette

Mahr on Bandcamp


11. Voidsphere: The Void Calls (21:22)

from the album To Call | To Speak

To Call | To Speak on Cassette

To Call | To Speak on Vinyl

To Call | To Speak on CD


12. Arkhtinn: I (30:10)

from the album III

Arktinn on Bandcamp

Double CD compilation IIIIII

Prava Kollektiv (aka ПРАВА КОЛЛЕКТИВ) on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pravakollektiv


13. Vaiya: Mudh (27:50)

from the EP Mudh

Vaiya on Bandcamp

Encircling Sea on Facebook and Bandcamp


14. Body 13: Let the Smoke Teach You As Much As You Can Learn (16:36)

from the EP Let the Smoke Teach You As Much As You Can Learn

Body 13 on Facebook, archive.org and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


15. Ulgard: The Slumbering Path (1:49)

16. Ulgard: Gates Of Ýdalir (10:16)

from the album From The Northmen's Cry

Ulgard on Facebook, and Bandcamp

Wiley H. Watson on Bandcamp


17. ZÖN: Mounth Gaash: Descent (22:21)

from the album Mount Gaash

ZÖN on Facebook and Bandcamp


18. Jonathan Fraser: There's Only So Much Time Before Everything Slowly Fades to White (27:12)

from the album Stendhal: Tragedy of the Journeyman

Jonathan Fraser on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Bandcamp.