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Habitat Podcast #30 - Jared Van Hees - GAME PLAN - Illinois Buck, Late Season Hunting, 2nd Rut, Strategies for Cold Weather, Afternoon Hunts, Low Pressure, Beans & Corn, Brassicas, How To Hunt Late Season, Timberland Outfitters

Habitat Podcast

Release Date: 12/14/2018

Habitat Podcast #30

We have our own Jared Van Hees - GAME PLAN - with his story of how he killed his Illinois Buck.  It was cold weather, and true late season strategies were used.  We also chat with Al from episode 4 and hear how Al almost connects with a great big buck the same nice Jared harvests his.  We also cover:

Late Season Hunting,

Strategies for Hunting in Cold Weather,

Reasons for Afternoon Hunts, Bed to Food Patter,

Why to Keep Low Pressure, Timber Bedding AM Hunts,

Targeting Beans & Corn, and even Brassicas,

How To Tackle Late Season after your deer have been hunted,

Hunting with an Outfitter for the 1st time.

Doe Fawns coming into Estrous.