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004 How to kick your business fears to the curb!

Handmade Business Podcast

Release Date: 06/05/2019

Everyone in business battles with choosing courage over fear when striving for success. 😨 They have a fear; of making enough money, of what people think of their business idea and even a fear of being successful. It’s an irrational mindset that can put up far more roadblocks in their path to success than there otherwise would be.


It is self-destructive. 🤯


What do we do to overcome this, to become courageous where we have previously been fearful? To choose growth instead of ‘just getting by’? 🎥 Today in the podcast I’m going to help you realise your fear and move to overcome it! 🙌


SHOW NOTES - https://www.myindielifeblog.net/blog/choosing-courage-over-fear