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244 - Is Your Story Helping or Hindering Your Progress?

Healthpreneur Podcast

Release Date: 05/15/2019

Welcome to the Healthpreneur podcast! It’s time to fess up: Is your story helping or hindering your progress? Consider Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, and The Rock. They all have stories – and tough ones – that shaped who they are and are a part of their life journey.

Although their stories are different, they all did something similar. They used their story as a catapult to get ahead. Note what they didn’t do. They didn’t let their story define who they are or hinder their progression for the rest of their life.

So many people have examples where they’ve gone through tough times and come out the side. Others tell the story forever and use it as an excuse to never reach their dreams.  It’s time to take responsibility for your own success. Tune in to get inspired for your next move!

01:00 – 03:30 - Introducing today’s topic: Letting your story help or hinder your future

03:30 – 07:30 - The choice you must make

07:30 – 10:30 - Where success fits into your story

10:30 – 15:00 - An example and an analogy

15:00 -  20:00 – Final takeaway: Take responsibility and write a new story