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Episode 61: A Conservation Paleoecologist

Her Stem Story

Release Date: 06/30/2019

Please use the link below to learn how you can become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in every aspect of your life.


Pride Month is celebrated in the month of June around the world. It's rooted in the US and it is organized to mark the achievements of LGBTQ community. You can read more about it at the Library of Congress website.


Our guest today, Juniper Grimes is a transgender conservation Paleoecologist at Oregon State University. She moved to Oregon from Grapevine, TX, largely in part so that she could transition in a more progressive region of the country. Since moving to Oregon she still had her fair share of obstacles, but despite it all, she persevered. She believes, as more and more queer scientists are respected for their work and are given support, they can continue to break down barriers and challenge the single story of who can be a scientist.