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Lean Ripped And Healthy Radio - Get a Six Pack , Feel Healthy, Build Muscle and Strength

Step One: A Guide To Building A Lean Ripped & Healthy Body, Optimizing Your Sleep, Gut and Mind For More Muscle and Less Fat

Lean Ripped And Healthy Radio - Get a Six Pack , Feel Healthy, Build Muscle and Strength
Released on Jul 26, 2017

The first Step to a Hall of Fame Body..optimizing the inside then dominating the outside.

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Before you look good on the outside you need to work good on the inside. Or else it will be short lived and probably not very enjoyable.

This realization comes from personal experience and unless your a bodybuilder I believe the average guy has no reason to push himself to extreme states of leanness to look amazing, feel extremely confident in his own skin, get the woman of his dreams and a body that can perform, feel and look awesome!

The goal of this step is simple. Get your body working more efficiently and effectively so that things like fat loss and building lean muscle are easy-er and faster. Its hard trying to win the Daytona 500 with a car thats not build to handle that kind of speed and intensity.  If your vehicle (your body)  is injured, damaged  or just not functioning optimally then getting it as close as you can to 100% is the first goal and a continuous one if your want to look and feel amazing in long run.


This long article is going to cover in depth the first section of the Lean, Ripped and Healthy System, optimizing your body from the inside out.

Here's how each of the three sections of the lean ripped and healthy system will be covered.

1 - I'll lay out the "why" behind my suggestions with some research

2 - I'll introduce you to your coaches from the Lean Ripped and Healthy Radio Podcast  and share some of the best podcasts I've done with these experts that touch on key topics within each section.

3 - I lay out your step by step game plan for taking action and making changes with a short list of action steps to do today and this week.

4 - I'll share some products and resources that I have found helpful in my journey.

Section One Body Optimization

Each of these topics could be a text book, but neither of us have the time for that. The goal is to give you the why, some expert advice from my podcast guests, and most importantly the action steps and tools necessary that will make the biggest impact.

Here We Go.

The goal is 1% every day. Getting a little better day in and day out.  In this first stage of optimizing health for your hall of fame body we focus the mindset shifts and building habits that will ensure  (yup all the non sexy but massively impactful stuff that the pros do but don't really talk about).

Remember the goal is to fine tune the machine, your body! Were not concerned about weight loss, muscle gain or getting stronger at this part of the journey. Yes all three will happen to some extent BUT right now these are all side effects of the new habits and changes. We're here to build the foundation and framework for rapid results and long term success. 

The mindset for transformation...the growth mindset

This probably is not your first time trying to make a serious change in your body and life.

How many times have you tried to change only to go back to old ways and habits after a few weeks?

How many times have you said “Thats it! I’m done with this I’m going to start changing my diet/routine on Monday!”

How many times have you committed to a new way of living/eating/exercising only to give up or quit after a few weeks.

Whats holding you back from making the changes towards becoming the person you envision yourself becoming this week? Today? Right now?

These past shortcomings happen with everyone, we all know what we need to do, the changes we need to make, the things we need to stop doing, the things we need to start doing, however we still fail to execute. Why?

A lot of times that failure to make a change, discourages further attempts at change since we would rather not be confronted with failure yet again, the mind simply would rather make an excuse and avoid failure. It's easier to just not try after a while.

But why?

How do we make a successful change and be able to keep it long term? Even after previous failures?

How do we stop shooting ourselves in the foot and doing things (or not doing the things) that keep us from getting to the end result we want?