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155 | The ROI of Writing a Book: Self-Publish vs. Traditional

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

Release Date: 01/21/2020

166: How to Pivot Profitably show art 166: How to Pivot Profitably

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, we’re talking about earning money. If you’re going to build wealth and attain financial independence, you have to earn that coin. Many of you have seen your income dry up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and many more of you are probably reconsidering what’s most important right now. Fortunately, this is also a time of reinvention. Many people are discovering how to use their gifts, talents, and skills in new ways, finding new opportunities, and turning the tough challenges they’re facing into powerful businesses. Today, I’m joined by Natalie Sisson. She’s...

165: When Your Parent Has Dementia show art 165: When Your Parent Has Dementia

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, we’re talking about how to deal with dementia in our families and in our lives. Dementia is an unfortunate topic that touches many of our lives. When a parent starts to show symptoms of memory loss or erratic behavior, you need to have plans in place, to be able to have difficult conversations, and to be able to take action without getting overwhelmed. However, with the right preparation, you can take a compassionate approach to your parents’ care without straining your relationship or becoming exhausted - and you can take actionable steps right now to know the red flags,...

164: Do People Get Happier as They Age? show art 164: Do People Get Happier as They Age?

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, we’re exploring the unexpected ways that aging affects our happiness. If you do a Google search for the word “midlife,” you’ll instantly be greeted by the autofilled word “crisis.” It’s a time when almost everyone asks themselves, “Is this all there is?” and finds themselves facing new challenges, both internally and externally. However, as you’ll hear from my guest today, midlife is also an extraordinary time. It’s a time of lasting friendships, of greater confidence, and of having the wisdom to do remarkable things. With a deeper understanding of where...

163: Healthcare as You Age show art 163: Healthcare as You Age

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, we’re talking about retirement, insurance, and what you can do right now to prepare for the costs of healthcare as you get older. Healthcare in retirement can be very confusing. And if your employer has chosen your health benefits for the majority of your life, you’re probably not prepared to be dumped into a national health insurance system that has thousands of drug plan options. Many people are scared of Medicare, or have heard horror stories about not being able to get the care that they need. However, it’s important to know that when combined with the right...

162: Money Psychology - Your Mind is Not Your Friend Right Now show art 162: Money Psychology - Your Mind is Not Your Friend Right Now

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this timely episode, recorded during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, we’re talking about the psychology behind how we think about money, the mistakes we make, and why we’re so prone to irrational behavior in both good times and bad. It’s hard not to get emotional when it comes to money. The stock market took a sharp negative turn recently and the short-term future of the economy is uncertain to say the least. Many Americans are either out of work or find themselves having to pivot to earn money. It would be 100% normal to be panicking now, however, it doesn’t have to be that way....

161: Ask Hilary - How To Make The Most Of Your Money in an Uncertain Economy show art 161: Ask Hilary - How To Make The Most Of Your Money in an Uncertain Economy

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, I’m answering several listener questions about the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, stock market investing, and personal finance. I’m hoping my answers to these questions will help you better understand how to think through tough decisions when it comes to money and your family, why you should manage your mindset instead of trying to predict the future, and how moments like now prove the importance of having an investment strategy — to name just a few of the issues we dive into. We also get into what you can do to make money right now, what types of businesses are...

160: What Questions Do You Have Now? show art 160: What Questions Do You Have Now?

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

Today's episode is a call for your questions. At this point, we're deep into the coronavirus and there are a lot of people, both individuals and businesses, who are worried about everything related to their finances. If you're looking for answers, I'm here to help! Please send any financial related questions to this week and I will answer them in an upcoming episode. I look forward to sharing my advice and helping you through this difficult time as best as I can. Follow Hilary on: Subscribe to The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

159: Do I REALLY Need a Trust? show art 159: Do I REALLY Need a Trust?

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, we’re talking about estate planning. As in wills, trusts and powers of attorney. I know, it’s not sexy, but it is important. Estate planning isn’t just something for people with a lot of money. It’s about making things as easy as possible for your loved ones when you’re gone, and whether you’ve got $10 or $10 million in assets, that matters. If you’re thinking that having a will takes care of this, you may be surprised to learn that a will doesn’t do that much - and can create serious legal and financial headaches for your beneficiaries. Furthermore, if you...

158: Coronavirus and Your Money show art 158: Coronavirus and Your Money

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

In this short episode, we’re talking about what’s happening in the stock market in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is here. My heart goes out to all of the individuals, families, communities and countries that have been affected. Many of us remain on high alert, myself included, because we are the parents or children of immune-compromised individuals who are especially susceptible. The purpose of today’s episode is to help you make sense of what’s happening in the investment markets recently and in the near term future, so that...

157: What Does a Financial Advisor Actually Do? show art 157: What Does a Financial Advisor Actually Do?

The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

Perhaps you’re really starting to come into your own as an earner and thinking you could benefit from working with a financial advisor. Maybe you’ve met with several people who all call themselves financial advisors, but were surprised to discover that there was no consistency at all in what they did or the services they offered. You may also be wondering why so many advisors charge for their services in completely different ways. If your initial research into the world of financial advisors has left you with more confusion than clarity, today’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio is for you....

More Episodes

In this episode, we’re talking about writing and publishing books.

Almost everyone has a book inside of them waiting to be written. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur who wants to spread your message and grow your empire to write a book, either. You could be a doctor looking to share nutritious recipes you’ve crafted for your patients. You could even have a full-time job and a great career, but want to write the Great American Novel to express your creative energy.

No matter what you write about, you’ll ultimately have to choose how you’re going to share your book with the world. At that point, you’ll have to decide between self-publishing or working with an imprint of a publishing house.

I’ve personally been thinking about writing a book for a very long time. I’ve attended a number of conferences, learned what it’s like to self-publish, and taken a $5,000 course on how to publish traditionally. After doing all of this research, I decided not to write a book at the time, but as my business has grown, I’m actually reconsidering.

What I learned from my experience was this: there’s no 100% right way to go. There’s a lot to learn about both methods, and there’s no clear evidence that one is more profitable than the other. What you can clearly understand, however, is how to plan for what writing your book is going to cost you in terms of money and time.

For today’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio, I’m speaking to two experts on this subject.

First, I’m joined by Julie Broad. Julie is an Amazon Overall #1 bestselling author, an International Book Award Winner, and recipient of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Sales Book. Through her company, Book Launchers, she helps entrepreneurs and professionals write, publish, and sell business and brand boosting books without giving up their rights or royalties.

After my conversation with Julie, I’m speaking with Joelle Hann. Joelle is the founder of Brooklyn Book Doctor. She’s ghostwritten, collaborated, edited and developed books with top CEOs and humanitarian activists, coaches and journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs, and many others. Joelle also actively writes and publishes her own work, so she knows what it means to be coached and edited. Her signature program, Book Proposal Academy, helps authors write winning book proposals that help them land agents and get attention from traditional publishing houses.

Both Julie and Joelle are also currently available for consulting, and you’re going to hear an exclusive offer from each of them if you’re ready to bring your book into the world.

So, are you ready to hear all about what it’s really like to publish a book, learn from the experts’ big wins, and find out about the mistakes you need to avoid? Then you don’t want to miss this episode. Tune in to Profit Boss® Radio today!

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio:

  • How to approximate the costs of writing a book - and why not to assume it will ever pay for itself.
  • Why authors need to be thinking like marketers regardless of whether or not they partner with a publisher.
  • Why writers who have had success with traditional publishers are now choosing to self-publish.
  • The difference between self-publishing and hybrid self-publishing - and why Julie isn’t a fan of hybrid.
  • How much you can expect to pay for a highly experienced ghost writer.
  • The difference between a developmental editor, a copy editor, and a proofreader - and why you need all three.
  • How the most successful self-published authors are achieving massive sales numbers - and how Julie’s book, after being rejected by a major publisher, generated six figures in revenue and attracted serious interest from future business partners.
  • The biggest mistakes that self-publishers make and how to avoid them.
  • What expenses to budget for in order to meaningfully launch a self-published book.
  • When you should consider working with a traditional publisher.
  • What traditional publishers are looking for - and why you don’t need to be a celebrity to get a book deal, but you do need to have an extra oomph to get readers excited.
  • The step by step process of getting a literary agent - and what to do if it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Why the era of the six-figure book deal is over - and the hidden costs that can lead you to spending more than your advance when working with traditional publishers.
  • The main reason that books fall apart - and why brainstorming and outlining your book before you write can save you hours, if not months, of frustration.
  • How one of Joelle’s first-time authors ended up in a five-way bidding war for her book.

Show Notes

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