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Embrace the Pivot with Dominique and Danielle of And8 Fitness

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Release Date: 03/29/2021

050: Practicing What I Preach show art 050: Practicing What I Preach

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

J.Go just hosted her first ever LIVE EVENT, the Go.Retreat. In this episode, J.Go chats with her friend (and editor of this podcast) Alex Hanson, and catches her up on the process of putting together this retreat, showing up confidently uncomfortable, and working through her limiting beliefs.

Gratefulness Through Recovery with Laeti Decarufel show art Gratefulness Through Recovery with Laeti Decarufel

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Jgo speaks with TikTok self love advocate, Laeti Decarufel, about her self love journey.

Break Up With Your Identity Crisis show art Break Up With Your Identity Crisis

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

In this Podcast:

Let's Talk About 'Hot Girl Summer' show art Let's Talk About 'Hot Girl Summer'

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Today J.Go is diving into Hot Girl Summer and getting real about showing yourself unconditional love. In this episode:

It’s Time To Meet Your Intuition show art It’s Time To Meet Your Intuition

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Special guest Kay Hillman (@MrsKayHillman) and J.Go dive into Kay’s story about personal growth, intuition, and taking small steps when you’re feeling stuck.

Protecting Your Energy Post-Pandemic show art Protecting Your Energy Post-Pandemic

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Speaking about a “Post Quarantine Comedown”, Jordan breaks down four scenarios and how to approach them in a post-pandemic world. We’re all feeling burnout, and it’s important to stop the comparison, find what’s right for YOU, and protect your energy.

Closing Out a Decade: A Birthday Reflection show art Closing Out a Decade: A Birthday Reflection

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Jordan turns 29 and reflects on the past 10 years. Birthdays can feel weird, but Jordan breaks down how to find gratefulness and peace while approaching the end of a decade.

Where Are They Now? Interview with BCB Alum, Patience Davis Mitchell show art Where Are They Now? Interview with BCB Alum, Patience Davis Mitchell

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

An interview with Body Confident Blueprint alumni, Patience Davis Mitchell, one year after her graduation from my BCB Program. She dives into what she got out of this program, and what she's still implementing today.

Where Are They Now? Interview with BCB Alum, Erin Bogdan show art Where Are They Now? Interview with BCB Alum, Erin Bogdan

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

A chat with a current BCB Babe, Erin, about her past relationship with food and confidence, and about how my Body Confident Blueprint has been different than anything she’s ever experienced before.

The Slingshot Method show art The Slingshot Method

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

* Trigger warning: This episode touches on the subjects of death, drugs, and abuse. 

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Seeing an Opportunity

- The pandemic has opened up a lot of opportunity for virtual businesses

- The ‘mainstream’ fitness industry focuses on losing weight or trying to fit in. There was an opportunity here to be themselves and preach a different message of confidence and self-acceptance. 

What made them decide to take the leap?  

- If you don’t see someone else doing it, you could fill that role. Ask yourself, What am I waiting for? Why am I holding back? It’s easy to get caught up in comparison. 

What does representation mean for you?  

-  When you don’t see anyone else doing it, you don’t think it’s possible. They’re moving for the joy of it, and showing others that it is possible to workout without the end goal being weight loss. 

- By living their truth and sharing it on their platform, they’re showing people that they are free to live in this way. You can feel safe, confident, powerful, sexy after a workout. 

-Instead of letting “there are very few women of color who own fitness businesses” keep Dani  Dom from starting they used it as inspiration to BE THAT REPRESENTATION

- Their approach to their classes was about more than just inclusion in the fitness industry but creating a class environment that felt safe!  

What lessons have you learned along the way? 

-  There are pitfalls, and you pivot instead of falling. At the end of it, you’re happy that you kept going. 

- A lot of people fear the unknown. The “What ifs”. You can’t let those stop you. 

Biggest takeaways from this experience: 

Even if you’re scared, do it anyways. Your mess is someone’s amazing. Just go for it.