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Episode 10: Alex Shelley | The Young Bucks

Journey of a Frontman

Release Date: 05/16/2016

Alex Shelley, a Detroit native and one half of the Motor City Machine Guns, has made a big name for himself in TNA, Ring of Honor and New Japan. And did you know that he was in a band called The High Crusade? His taste in music is impeccable and you'll get to find out more about it when Obert and Shelley talk about his wrestling career, as well as how music has been a part of his entire life. Later on, the vault is being unlocked from April of 2015 with a special sit-down interview with arguably the most successful tag team today, The Young Bucks! Nick and Matt give insight on why Twitter is so important for wrestlers, share stories from their time in TNA, the experience of meeting fans and much more.