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How to Enjoy Real Success

Mistress Wellbeing

Release Date: 07/13/2021

Arriving at the top of your profession is a great achievement.
Well done! I know how much hard work and sacrifice went into it.
Your passion and desire to help others moves me.
But what about you?
You also deserve  to live well, and that doesn’t mean just driving a flash car and having the trappings of success
It means prioritising your needs, developing self care, feeling supported and much less stressed, overwhelmed and irritable.
Pouring every minute of your time and energy into your job is a recipe for burnout and ill health.
It can be hard to get perspective when you’re at the top. There is pressure  to behave like your peers.
And it’s hard to seek help when it’s not working for you.
There is a way to be a dedicated and excellent lawyer AND have time and space for you and your loved ones.
The change needs to happens in you.
Developing good boundaries
Knowing when enough is enough.
Prioritising the people and things you love.
Making better choices which put you first.
It’s not selfish, It’s a win win outcome, because when you’re happy and well, everybody benefits. You’re a better friend, mother and lawyer.
You won’t turn into an unmotivated slacker.
You will work hard because you want and choose to, be more present and engaged with people (including your family) and start to look after yourself.