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Making Better Boundaries

Mistress Wellbeing

Release Date: 07/21/2021

Do you have good boundaries?
What difference would it make in your life if you did?
Boundaries with yourself and with other people, with work, family and friends.
Boundaries keep you safe when they’re clear.
And when they’re not, you can feel overpowered, angry and small.
Here’s the thing, Boundaries are a choice, but most of the time they’re just a habit.
We are all choosing every minute of every day, only it often doesn’t feel like we are.
The choice not to make a boundary usually stems from wanting others to like us, feeling afraid of going against another person, scared of disappointing them or not being liked.
It’s also usually a familiar way of behaving. Not comfortable, but familiar.
So, how to make good boundaries?
First recognise that you have choice
Next, tune in and acknowledge where the boundary needs to be ( hint, if you’re feeling angry, small or resentful the boundary isn’t in the right place).
Now practice taking one small step towards creating your boundary. Give yourself permission to be interested and curious rather than judging, and start with small things.
Starting with boundaries within yourself is the easiest place, what are your boundaries with digital technology, alcohol, exercise, food and sleep?
The more difficult ones can be with family, work and friends.
But remember this mantra, “I choose. Every day I choose. What will I choose today?”
How will you choose powerfully and wisely today?