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Life Off The Mat Podcast - COVID-19 SPECIAL Episode

Life Off The Mat

Release Date: 03/25/2020

(Recorded 3-19-20) Katie, Anthony, and Kevin talk about COVID-19, staying positive in the midst of uncertainty, overcoming fears, quarantine life during the coronavirus, and how they made it through an entire episode without coughing even once in this special release episode of Life Off the Mat.

Without Jiu-Jitsu, Katie Williamson, Kevin Rowland and Anthony Polanco probably wouldn't have crossed paths in the real world. After a few years of training together at Elite Team BJJ in Visalia, CA these three realized they actually have a lot more in common than sweeps and submissions.
Though they range from age 28 to 58, Kevin, Katie, and Anthony share a passion for getting the most out of life and inspiring others to do the same. Bridging the generational gap to show we are not all that different, these three professional consultants and prolific achievers hope their conversations off the mat inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams and live life to your full potential, no matter what age you are.
These are their stories of overcoming hardship, pursuing their big dreams, and finding their understandings of GOD in the midst of it all. This is "Life Off the Mat."