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ITF017: Off season activities, camping philosophy, and food dehydrators

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Release Date: 03/26/2013

inthefieldpodcast-300x300This is In The Field Camping Episode 17.  In this episode we asked what did you do over the off-season (for those of you that had an off-season), and making plans for camping.  We also talked about how things can alter your plans, like forest fires, bans, and restrictions as well as the impact on camping on fiscal issues like sequestration and the furloughs of local, state, and federal government employees involved with camping and hiking.

We next talked about the diverse camping/camper demographic and how it runs the gamut of types of people.  Finally, it was on to food dehydrators and all the things you can do with them.  This devolved into "preppers" and how what they do can translate into camping needs, or any kind of disaster preparedness - and how dehydrators can help in this area.

Nesco food dehydrators
Excalibur food dehydrators

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