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ITF018: YouTube Channel, internet boxes, dehydrator follow-up, and freezing temps after de-winterizing

LightningRod Radio

Release Date: 04/17/2013

inthefieldpodcast-300x300This is In The Field Camping Episode 18.  In this episode we talked about our new YouTube Channel, which includes pictures, videos, and annotations.  Then it was on to ways to watch our YouTube Channel, and other digital downloadable media with various internet boxes like the RokuGoogle TVApple TV, and BluRay players with integrated internet capabilities.  These are small units perfect for taking on the road.

Next was an update on food dehydrators, since our Nesco unit died in just under 3 weeks!  It was replaced by the "Cadillac" of dehydrators, the Excalibur - which so far has proven to be perfect.

Finally, we talked about the dilemma of de-winterizing only to partially re-winterize due to winter-like spring storms hitting the mountain west.  

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