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Venus in Cancer 10 Hour Affirmations (calm - no fx) - HEALTHY LOVE LIFE AND HEALTHY ATTACHMENT STYLE


Release Date: 06/16/2024

Venus in Cancer 10 Hour Affirmations (calm - no fx) - HEALTHY LOVE LIFE AND HEALTHY ATTACHMENT STYLE

Venus moves into Cancter 6/16/24 but this is also good for anyone who resonates with venus in cancer with strong venus and/or cancer placements, as well as for anyone who is feeling ready to align with healthier relationship attachments and boundaries. 


My love life is dependable. I can count on those I am in love with. Those I love, also love me. My love is solid, reliable and expressed and felt in ways that signify a healthy attachment style. I have a healthy, stable attachment style. I can depend on myself, but I don’t need to because others love me so much. It’s safe for me to open up and be vulnerable. I am met with kindness, compassion and genuine heartfelt connection. My world is safe and secure in all manners related to love and relationships. I feel like I live in a cocoon of pink fluffy clouds full of the energy of unconditional kindness, compassion and love.

As a human with an overly active imagination, unpredictable attention span, and intense emotionality, I like to have positive messages on in the background of my day and night as much as possible as it helps keep 1 tab open in my brain of JUST that. I believe it can help us reprogram ourselves so that our outer world reflects more of what we focus on by listening to audios like this. And the best part: I also believe you don’t have to pay attention. Just having it on the in the background, in my opinion (I’m not making any claims), creates a positive difference for me personally.

I have recorded two different kinds: 1 calm, without effects (this one). The other with echo effects (I prefer, but I've had feedback some don't, hence both). 

Both have subliminal messages in the background that repeat this 411,786 times: “I AM and All is Well.”

The background audio may sound a little “Strange” but it has been programmed in accordance with that which I refer to as my guides/intuition with intention of being the most powerful background audio to serve you for any and all supraliminal (the affirmations you hear) messages. It has been charged and activated and took over 12 hours to create for you. Listen with or without headphones, any speed you like.

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. You take responsibility for your well being by listening. Love you. 


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