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Episode 1: Under Falling Skies and Solo Worker Placement Modes

Meeple, Myself, and I

Release Date: 05/09/2021

Anyone who's read any of my reviews will know that brevity is not my strong suit. So let's see if we can keep it short here, somehow.

In this inaugural episode of Meeple, Myself, and I, I quickly introduce myself and the general aim of the podcast, explain how the structure of the show will go, and then talk about some solo board games!

Weird Intro: 0:01

Actual, Proper Intro: 0:53

Thanks, Stone Valley Games!: 3:17

The Sound of One Meeple Clapping - A Review of Under Falling Skies: 4:03

One's Company and Two's a Crowd - The Competing Sensibilities of Hallertau and Tidal Blades: 12:28

Conclusion and Thanks: 26:11