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The Cardiff Electric Interview

Insufferable Bastards

Release Date: 11/26/2022

Stevie & Ray Talk Kevin Brennan Anthony Cumia War (Audio) show art Stevie & Ray Talk Kevin Brennan Anthony Cumia War (Audio)

Insufferable Bastards

Comic Ray DeVito stops by to talk about his new comedy special. Stevie Lew updates his feelings toward Chad Zumock. Everybody weighs in on the new Kevin Brennan v Anthony Cumia drama.

Standup Comedian Earl Skakel (Audio) show art Standup Comedian Earl Skakel (Audio)

Insufferable Bastards

Earl Skakel is a standup comedy BEAST. As sexy as he is funny, Earl dislikes 'roast master general' Jeffrey Ross, but is a big fan of the 1986 John Frankenheimer nasty neo-noir '52 Pick-Up,' starring Roy Scheider and Ann Margaret. Plus, he loves Michael Mann's 'Crime Story.' Featuring special guest host El Horrible, a Dabbleverse hero.  See you at DabbleCon Feb. 3 and 4. WATPLive.com

Attend Dabble Con In Rochester, N.Y. Starting Friday, February 3, 2023 show art Attend Dabble Con In Rochester, N.Y. Starting Friday, February 3, 2023

Insufferable Bastards

It is your Judeo-Christian duty to attend Dabble Con in Rochester, N.Y. on Friday, February 3, 2023 and Saturday, February 4, 2023. Tickets at WATPLive.com.

'Whom Are These Podcasts' Wrap Up Show show art 'Whom Are These Podcasts' Wrap Up Show

Insufferable Bastards

The boyz got word that some rootin' tootin' podcast hosted by a potato and a Mexican wrestler dressed as a woman are planning to attack us. Plus, we defend Stuttering John and his word 'gasheesh.' Recorded live in front of a studio audience.

Shuli From The Howard Stern Show Versus Why Do I Podcast show art Shuli From The Howard Stern Show Versus Why Do I Podcast

Insufferable Bastards

Shuli Egar spent 15 years on The Howard Stern Show, so he's no stranger to conflict. But is he any match for vape-wielding Perry Caravello super fan Kevin DF from WDIP?

Trailer Reactions: Evil Dead Rise And Renfield show art Trailer Reactions: Evil Dead Rise And Renfield

Insufferable Bastards

Here's a mini episode containing some stuff we cut from a larger episode. Carlos, Brian, Mondo Creepy Matt and Kinky Loco react to movie trailers for 'Evil Dead Rise' and 'Renfield.'

Debatin Dabblers During Da Discord Disaster show art Debatin Dabblers During Da Discord Disaster

Insufferable Bastards

Obnoxious John from WDIP said to start a Discord server. So we did, and immediately tried to record a podcast there with Mondo Creepy, Cardiff Electric, and Kinky Loco. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

(Audio) RIP Fred The Elephant Boy From The Howard Stern Show show art (Audio) RIP Fred The Elephant Boy From The Howard Stern Show

Insufferable Bastards

puts the vape pen away to react with us to the 'Evil Dead Rising' trailer, and then Spears takes us through his favorite Fred the Elephant Boy clips from the The Howard Stern show. Featuring a cameo by Kinky Loco from Dabblers Anonymous, who gives his side of the Cardiff Electric incident.

We Didn't Start The Blood Feud show art We Didn't Start The Blood Feud

Insufferable Bastards

Aaron Imholte of 'The Steel Toe Show' on YouTube has always been nice to us -- until now!  

Advance Coverage Of 'Dabbler Court' (Audio Only) show art Advance Coverage Of 'Dabbler Court' (Audio Only)

Insufferable Bastards

We published a special livestream an hour before the first-ever 'Dabbler Court' convened on Cardiff Electric's YouTube page on Dec. 26, 2022. The goal was to provide background on the case. With special guest Matt from Mondo Creepy.

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The definitive and final Cardiff Electric interview.

SHOW GUIDE (no charge)

No small talk.

1:12 Cardiff Electric theme

3:00 Cardiff Electric explains why its been bad mouthing our podcast

4:54 Cardiff Electric talks about his transformative interview with funnyman Chad Zumock

6:26 Cardiff Electric admits having bad intel on Frank Pellegrino and Ms. Chrissie Mayr

7:07 Cardiff Electric answers more questions about his Chad Zumock interview

8:38 A host uses 'under the radar' in the wrong context

9:31 Cardiff Electric explains that he talked to Stuttering John this week using a phone

11:34 Cardiff Electric learns that he is blocked on Twitter by Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling

13:00 Cardiff Electric admits to a lie.

15:14 Cardiff Electric can perform Jedi mind tricks

18:00 The start of about seven straight minutes of "Howard Stern Show" reminiscing. Deal with it.

25:46 Cardiff Electric is asked what horror movie character he would like to get drunk with.

27:04 Cardiff Electric is asked whether he likes Kevin Brennan more than Frank Pellegrino. Cardiff Electric challenges the premise.

28:10 Cardiff Electric is ride and die for (with?) Eric Nagel.

29:41 Cardiff Electric reacts to Karl from WATP talking about Brennan on the "Hughezy Entertainment" YouTube channel.

31:22 Cardiff Electric answers the questions previously posed regarding horror movie characters.

32:32 Cardiff Electric plays "Cardiff Electric Sidney Lumet Tier List"

35:45 Cardiff Electric summarizes his involvement with 'Who Are These Podcasts.'

37:26 Cardiff Electric pays a compliment to 'The Insufferable Bastards Podcast.'

37:52 Cardiff Electric listens to 'Who Are These Podcasts' attacking 'The Insufferable Bastards Podcast.'

41:03 Cardiff Electric listens to 19 seconds from an old "B2B" podcast Karl guested on.

41:27 Cardiff Electric discusses the "StutJohnCon" becomes "Dabbler Con" controversy.

45:14 Cardiff Electric reveals his favorite movie.

46:24 Cardiff Electric reacts to a Stuttering John creation from the Dabblers Anonymous subReddit.

53:02 The episode with Cardiff Electric comes to an end.