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045: How Hope Can Heal You w/ Razi Berry

Love is Medicine

Release Date: 06/13/2019

Hope has the power to improve your expectations, mood and your body's susceptibility to illness. Having hope in your life can help you better understand the world around you, and provide you with the tools to adapt to circumstances as they change.

Even if the outcome that we expect isn't what happens, isn't it worthwhile to live in the joyful anticipation of something good rather than spend time worrying about something that hasn't happened yet? By understanding the biological, intellectual, wishful and transcendent stages of hope, you can reset your overall expectations and have faith in hope itself again.

The felt experience of hope impacts every part of your being from your environment to your mindset and physical symptoms. Once the connection between our body, mind and heart and their relation to hope becomes clear, you can harness the power within yourself to make the changes you wish to see for yourself and the world.

How has hope helped you navigate difficult times in your life? What strategies do you use to cultivate hope within yourself? Share with us in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the amazing power that is within you to elicit change in your life
  • The placebo effect and how it is related to the power of positive thinking
  • How to find meaning through embodied action and physical responses to hope
  • Improving your expectations to boost your mood and your body's susceptibility to illness
  • The connection between our body, mind, and environment when looking at hope



“Hope is a dynamic and also complex way of thinking, and it's not really a simple or straightforward process to heal from nature.” (4:20)

“I have found in my life that when we rest in this wishful hope, it helps us to really live a richer and more fulfilling life no matter what the outcome tends to be.” (9:47)

“Getting to know yourself deeply from the inside out helps you have this hope by understanding the amazing power that is within you to elicit change in your life.” (12:01)

“To increase experiences of hope during difficult times can be an ideal way to improve your quality of life and improve symptoms of disorders like depression and anxiety.” (16:05)



Razi Berry Interview with Dr. Kelly Turner


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