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029: Mindset Shifts To End Food Obsession w/ Stephanie Dodier

Love is Medicine

Release Date: 04/18/2019

For a lot of women, our relationship with food has gone beyond nutrition and instead is used as a tool of restriction, avoidance, and shame. Stephanie Dodier experienced this vicious cycle in the way we relate to food and our body image and has set out to set the record straight on how we can use food to make peace with our bodies. A clinical nutritionist, speaker, and founder of Going Beyond the Food Academy, Stephanie is determined to help women find acceptance around food and body image.

Going Beyond the Food will help you reconnect with your wisdom around food so that you can become self-regulated with food and no longer be dependant on a diet to tell you what to eat or how much to eat. Stephanie is passionate about helping people repair the connection between what your body needs and what you will let yourself have in order to drive health at any size. Working on mindset, goal setting, tools and techniques around emotional intelligence can help you become the master of your own body once again.  

When you are able to engage with food from a place of self-love, Stephanie believes that you can create positive habits and limit your restrictions to know how you feel and engage with food from a place of pleasure. Let us help you get to the place of loving yourself and being open to engaging with subcomponents of a healthy lifestyle to get yourself better at any size with easy to implement mindset and lifestyle changes.

Are you ready to take control of your innate body wisdom? Share where you are at on your nutrition journey in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learning to detach your self worth as a human from what your body looks like externally
  • Eating real food to find happiness instead of engaging in strict diet regimens
  • Steps you can take to repair your relationship with food and increase your mindfulness
  • Why if it flew, grew, ran or swam you should be eating it most of the time
  • Building blocks to help you approach nutrition from a place of self-love and body acceptance



“That sent me down the path of understanding the relationship, physiologically and psychologically, to food. And that's how I developed the Going Beyond The Food Method in the last eight years of my practice with my patients.” (6:13)

“When we come to our relationship to food, and we have been in the ‘diet mentality’ around food, we have disconnected from our innate hunger and fullness signal. That's what dieting teaches us.” (10:15)

“In the process of changing our relationship to food we need to create new neuropathways of engaging with food from a place of love instead of fear.” (18:21)

“The impact of having that love for your body, no matter what weight you are at, will lead you to make better choices.” (22:09)

“Many of us have secrets around food because we attach value to the behavior and the way we engage with food, and we shame ourselves for that.” (34:10)



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