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Creating Social Media Magic with Lori Woods

Not Elsewhere Classified

Release Date: 11/27/2017

Not Elsewhere Classified is a podcast presented and produced by MedicalCodingGeek.com about the medical coding, health information technology, and clinical documentation community. 

Lori has been the successful leader of the coding group “Create A Coder” since 2012. She used the group to not only help other new coders on their journey, but to network in the coding community. Lori became friends with Laureen Jandroep and believed in CCO so much, that she started promoting them on her own.

Lori is an active member of AAPC, and even helped to write a letter to start a Chapter close to her home in Denver Colorado.

For show notes for this episode, go to MedicalCodingGeek.com/podcast