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Disrupting the Industry with Dr. Terrance Govender

Not Elsewhere Classified

Release Date: 05/07/2018

Not Elsewhere Classified is a podcast presented and produced by MedicalCodingGeek.com about the medical coding, health information technology, and clinical documentation community. 

Terrance Govender is currently the Vice President of Medical Affairs for ClinIntell, Inc. He has many years of clinical and healthcare management experience that goes beyond the borders of the United States, having also practice in the United Kingdom and South Africa. After being introduced to the concept of CDI early on in his non-clinical career, he realized that we still have a lot to accomplish as an industry. Terrance’s passion lies in the ability to empower physicians, who want to do the right thing, by providing them the shortest distance between two points with regards to CDI. This approach can take on many forms and the exact solution may vary depending on different cultures, but Terrance believes that its time to leverage data, advanced analytics and performance monitoring to affect long term change in physician behavior.

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