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Maximizing People Potential with Melissa Freeman

Not Elsewhere Classified

Release Date: 11/30/2018

Not Elsewhere Classified is a podcast presented and produced by MedicalCodingGeek.com about the medical coding, health information technology, and clinical documentation community. 

Melissa Freeman is the CEO & founder of OS2 Healthcare Solutions and OS2U Training & Development Center. As a catalyst for change in the medical coding field for more than a decade, she’s applied her talent and vast experience to transform revenue cycle for insurance plans, hospitals and physicians around the country. Under her leadership, she has helped healthcare organizations reclaim millions of dollars in lost revenue while mitigating compliance risk through her expert guidance.

​Driven by the desire to help others, Melissa is committed to advocacy, animals, family, fitness, philanthropy and economic advancement of families. In the future, she has plans for bringing her vision to life by merging business and philanthropic interest to improve the quality of life for women, veterans and families across the nation.

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