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No Tea for the Fever: She's Gotta Have It

No Tea for the Fever

Release Date: 12/31/2016

She's Gotta Have It movie posterThirty years after Spike Lee introduced his bombastic, Mr. Fantastic self to the world via Nola Darling -- a free-spirited twenty-something Brooklyn graphic designer with three baes, a handsy lesbian pal, and an exasperated BFF -- there's still something about Nola Darling that we've just got to have. Decades later, it's Netflx that's gotta have it, and the prolific Lee has agreed to go back to the future and direct a 10-episode order of a 'contemporary take' on his sexy, groundbreaking indie. My guest for this episode, writer and filmmaker Nikki Harmon, is slightly terrified at the prospect, but will be watching anyway.

Our guest this episode, Nikki Harmon, is a film and video professional who lives and works just outside her native Philadelphia. She has written, produced, worked on or directed on several documentaries, short narratives, educational and industrial films, music videos, feature-length films and television shows. Throughout her production career, Nikki has maintained her commitment to teach and worked for community organizations such as the Big Picture Alliance and Scribe Video Center teaching youth and adults video production. Most recently, she has taught at both Drexel and Arcadia universities as an adjunct professor.

Nikki is a married mother of three who recently published her first novel, When I Was Your Girlfriend, and is working on a screenplay -- and another novel. She's Gotta Have It is her favorite Spike Lee film. Thirty years later, she still ain't mad at Nola, is fairly certain Mars Blackmon became more irritating with age, and agrees that it's just a matter of time before Bravo green lights an eye-rolling reality TV show called Basketball Lesbians. My money is on Logo or Centric though....

This episode also features a brand new No Tea for the Fever Theme Song by Loretta 'Funky LB' Brown.

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