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How Lightspeed VT produces online courses for experts like Grant Cardone and Daymond John from Shark Tank

The Online Course Coach Podcast

Release Date: 08/29/2018

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This episode discusses producing courses for industry leaders such as Grant Cardone and Daymond John with LightSpeed VT. Our interview guests today are Andru Hull and Jennifer Herring from LightSpeed VT Midwest. Andru Hull is the Lead System Architect and Production Manager at LightSpeed VT Midwest. He has a degree in Sociology and a background in management and technologies. The aspects of his position that he enjoys most are the problem-solving elements and being able to find creative solutions for clients to help them grow their business. Andru also enjoys playing music, critiquing movies, and travel. Jennifer Herring handles marketing at LightSpeed VT Midwest. Her background in graphic design, printing, mailing, marketing, and teaching made her a great fit for the business and what it offers. She enjoys networking at local events and working with entrepreneurs to help build their business. When she isn’t doing that she working on her own projects, spending time with her husband and two kids, or doing something to stretch her creative muscles. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermherring/

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Without further ado, let's get right into the interview with Andru and Jennifer:

What are some ways to keep a course engaging so the student doesn't get bored?

The first thing is delivering the course in bits, for instance, breaking a course into 5-minute videos. It's important to ensure that a course offers concrete value so readers can feel the need to stay engaged.

What have you learned by producing courses for some of the top industry leaders that an average course creator could learn from too?

Most top industry leaders have dedicated individuals who put effort into their systems on a day to day basis. Liking a system is great but it's not enough if there's no effort being put into it. Industry leaders put work into whatever they do and that's the key to their success.

What should a course creator think about when producing their course videos?

First of all, it has to be about establishing their goals. Course creators should learn who they are talking to and even down to their personality types. This will allow them to design content that suits their audience.

What are some things you consider when designing a course and how can the listener benefit from this?

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